A Case for Iguodala

A reader, Teddy, writes:

I just read the Bill Simmons piece about the Team USA gold medal game. One particular paragraph caught my attention:

“One of the frustrating things about this tournament: (Andre) Iguodala has been a revelation as a fourth banana/swing defender/energy guy/uber-athlete, which really should have been his NBA destiny — mega-glue guy on a great team, like a much more devastating version of Trevor Ariza on the 2008-09 Lakers — only we don’t have nearly enough quality players to fill 30 NBA teams, so instead he’s forced to carry a lottery team, take terrible shots, play with inferior teammates and do everything that the Basketball Gods never meant for him to do. He’s like Roger Sterling in “Mad Men” — you don’t want him carrying the show, but in short doses, harnessed correctly, he can be a weapon. I had given up on Iguodala as a meaningful basketball player; now I think he’ll be reincarnated on a contender within the next two seasons. He’s one trade away.”

I’m thinking that Simmon’s assessment is pretty spot on here. If Iguodala can do for the Rockets what he did for Team USA, would he be the “missing piece?” What does everyone think?

I’ve said for some time that Iguodala fits the culture of this team so well it’s sickening.  With that said, is adding what amounts to a super-glue guy, and blowing all of our assets in the process, enough to take this team over the top?  I’m not so sure.  By virtue of Simmons’ observations, Iguodala would undoubtedly improve this team.  Having said that, they still would be without an alpha dog, something which I still feel is the main missing ingredient.

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