NY Daily News: Rockets considering helping Knicks land ‘Melo?

via New York Knicks still eyeing Carmelo Anthony as Amar’e Stoudemire, team hold annual media day:

The Knicks conceivably can trade a player for a first-round pick, and there is some interest around the league for Anthony Randolph, the third-year forward who came to New York in the David Lee sign-and-trade with Golden State. According to a source, the Rockets would consider trading a first-round pick for Randolph.

Thanks to an e-mailer for passing this on; I would highly recommend reading the full article.  Talk about a bizarre twist were this to occur.  Randolph is a scintillating talent probably worth one of the picks.  The problem therein, however, is that if even trading one, you’re relinquishing the value of both by drastically improving the Knicks.

Update: I wonder if Morey is thinking the following: “I’ve been sitting on these two picks for the purpose of acquiring an elite player.  I’ve tried my best but the writing is on the wall – Bosh never wanted us, Paul looks happy now, and a Melo deal doesn’t look likely now either.  There are now no elite level players left on the board nor do any seem foreseeably likely to become available in the near future.  I have to now make the best of this situation and fold my hand.  Randolph has atleast as much potential as any lottery prospect we could hope to draft with the pick we would need to trade to obtain him.”

That he dealt Ariza to New Orleans (further cementing Paul by facilitating the departure of Collison) and looked to get it on the Bosh S&T (in hopes of nabbing Chandler) lends credence to my thinking: Daryl Morey is an opportunist.  He will see the writing on the wall and make the most of the situation.

I also think a Randolph trade would be interesting in that he would be the latest in a line of acquisitions (Battier, Lowry, Lee) that had been the object of Morey’s pursuit for numerous years before the eventual procurement.  (This is staunchly in contrast with Carrol Dawson where it almost seemed the philosophy was “hey!  There’s a good player!  Let’s get him!”)

If Melo can’t be had, I would be looking to unload the ’12 pick (with Hill and Budinger or whatever else) for Iguodala, then sending the ’11 for Randolph.

The question is, are the picks of a Knicks team without Melo (meaning Melo was traded to NJ) more valuable than Anthony Randolph and whatever could be had for the ’12 (minus whatever else would be needed)?

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