On Camby, Martin, Lakers

  • Would the Blazers have taken Terrence Williams instead of Jonny Flynn in the Camby trade?  If not, then no Camby, and possibly no playoffs.  Something to consider for those who mocked Daryl Morey for cutting Jeremy Lin and balked at the notion that there might have been later use for Flynn’s contract.  Though I guess it is much more fun to jump to sensationalistic conclusions.
  • Kyle Lowry looked about as good as a guy whose been out a month can look, yesterday, in his return.  This is a huge sigh of relief for this team; they would not have stood a chance in the postseason without Lowry.
  • What to do with Kevin Martin at this point?  How do you even risk tinkering with this lineup?  In theory, he’d be perfect instant offense off the bench.  But let’s say he comes back towards the end of the season.  Can you afford to change things up that close to the playoffs?  We really underestimate it, but unless you’re the Spurs and have been together for a decade, it’s absolutely crucial to have everything in sync and in rhythm.  Guys can’t be confused over their roles.  Is there a chance Kevin Martin isn’t brought back?  I think if the shoulder doesn’t heal soon, that could possibly happen.  Kevin McHale doesn’t care about feelings.
  • Despite Friday’s win, the Lakers are still the one West team I fear most.  Too much potential to destroy the Rockets inside with Bynum.  And you know Kobe will be locked in.
  • Speaking of Friday’s win: after the Spurs, are the Rockets the most remarkable story in the NBA?  I don’t know if I’m just biased but this is unbelievable.  What other team in the NBA would be winning these games without its supposed two best players and not only staying afloat but climbing up the standings?
  • Re: Camby – The team just looks so different this year with him and Dalembert.  The viewer is almost afforded a certain psychological sense of relief.  Ever play pickup with a big man behind you?  Things just feel different.  I feel like you almost play harder, knowing big brother is behind you to watch your back.  In previous years, the Rockets played their hearts out, but you almost held your breath at the prospect of getting a rebound or a stop in the paint.  Now, you almost feel safe as if the team can withstand any onslaught.  Even with Yao–who was one of the best space protectors in the game–second chance rebounds were an adventure.  With Camby, that’s not an issue.  If only he were a few years younger, we’d have a long term solution.
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