Ron Artest: Still Fantastic, Crazy as Hell

Sometimes as Rockets fans, we all forget how awesome Ron Artest was in favor of remembering how many stupid shots he tended to take or his unthinkable betrayal of signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Ron Ron, still full of nonsensical verve after his team lost its fourth straight, sprinkled a bit of his Queensbridge pixie dust (I can imagine Mobb Deep probably isn’t a fan of that phrase) on Houston’s own indie sports talk station 1560 The Game by prank calling the unofficial after-game show posing as a braggadocios Luis Scola, extolling the virtues of his unstoppable hook shot:

“I feel like I am THE best around, in the world. You see the guys that couldn’t even hold me. They tried guarding me and they couldn’t. I just had the hook shot — that right hook shot — that no body can stop.”

It progressively got weirder, as he went on to give some creepy but amazing insight into Chuck Hayes’ uniform and its contents (still under the guise of Luis Scola):

“Actually Chuck Wagon (Chuck Hayes) he didn’t play with any boxers on today. He said he wanted to play and just play hard. He had noooooo boxers on tonight and no Spandex. He played freeballing. So he was a warrior tonight and we won it. The Rockets are back.”

Say what you will about a man who just scored 4 points in his defending champion team’s loss that didn’t go over so well with his prominent teammate and coach, but I say he reigns as King Fantastic of the NBA still. Check out the full, freaky interview here.

(Thanks to The Basketball Jones for the link.)

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