On the NBA: Lakers, Irving, Kevin Martin

  • Why is everyone so sure that Kobe will defer to Steve Nash just because of Nash’s stature?  What in Kobe’s history would lead anyone to believe that he’ll defer to anyone?  When has he ever played with another ball dominating guard?  The only player that even comes to mind is Nick Van Excel and that was before Kobe could even legally drink.
  • Here’s the thing: Lebron and Wade were friends.  And there was also a mutual understanding.  Wade had a ring.  And I think Lebron understood/understands his own flaws in not really being a closer.  And so you saw Lebron let Wade take the last shots up until this last year’s playoffs when the former just killed everyone and it didn’t even matter.  But there’s more complicated dynamics at play with Nash and Kobe, mainly, the awkward reality that Kobe has five rings but Nash is the more efficient option (especially with Howard as a roll-man.)  Like I said before, the rags will explode the first time that team loses two in a row.

  • I wish Bynum had been traded to Cleveland as had been rumored because a pairing of him and Irving would have been sensational.  Has a rookie point guard ever looked that composed and shot that well?
  • The Thunder should have traded James Harden at the draft because they probably won’t get a better deal (that also accomplishes their goals of salary management) than the rumored one with Washington.  And if you’re a Rockets fan, Jeremy Lamb on a rookie scale contract is a better option for this team than James Harden at the max.
  • Will this be the year the Boston Celtics finally slip?  Who falls off first between Boston and the Spurs?  It’s difficult to come up with a tougher backcourt than Courtney Lee and Rajon Rondo.
  • The irony of the Kevin Martin situation is that he’s, in some ways, after Shane Battier, Daryl Morey’s signature acquisition: a high efficiency true-shooting monster overlooked unless digging deeper into the stats.
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves look to be the most interesting team out West.
  • The case of Mark Cuban is a curious one.  Most Mavs fans, or at least those I know, seem to hate him.  What would you have done?  Do you break up a chance to defend a title by looking to the future?  It should be irrelevant.  The fact that Cuban put Dallas basketball on the map should give him a free pass for all later questionable decisions.

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  • Red94 says 2 months ago New post: On the NBA: Lakers, Irving, Kevin Martin
  • rockets best fan says 3 months ago Rahat: I would much rather have them be amazing in the latter part of the year, making the playoffs would be a disaster. if things fall right for the rockets(which I believe they stand a good chance) we could end with some outstanding young talent and some very high picks in the draft to add to this team in addition to the cap room money we can spend. what I like about this team is for the 1st time in a long time we have young talent with high ceilings. plus if those picks fall right who said we won't trade them. that could be the very piece of the puzzle that nets us a star to add to this team. like I have said in a previous thread the best case to me is the rockets land in the top 7 teams in the draft, have a couple of rooks flashing star level talent, the raptors land the 4th pick, dallas lands the 21st pick. now if you can't get something with that you just flat ain't trying :rolleyes:
  • Rahat Huq says 3 months ago

    Stephen, on 24 September 2012 - 07:54 AM said:

    Here's my frightening thought for the day.
    The Rockets get the 8th Seed in the Play-Offs,get bounced by OKC/LA,the Mavs are a top 9 team and Toronto gets into the Play-Offs as well.
    Houston now has ZERO Firsts in 2013.

    But doesn't that also mean that the current rookie crop was pretty amazing if they got you into the playoffs?
  • blakecouey says 3 months ago Is that all bad Stephen? We've gotta give away our pick at some point, and this years draft isn't supposed to be deep. I'd rather give it up than it be a 11-14. Dallas too has to send it our way someday, maybe two drafts from now will have better prospects. Torontos pick only gets better and more valuable
  • Stephen says 3 months ago Here's my frightening thought for the day.
    The Rockets get the 8th Seed in the Play-Offs,get bounced by OKC/LA,the Mavs are a top 9 team and Toronto gets into the Play-Offs as well.
    Houston now has ZERO Firsts in 2013.
  • ale11 says 3 months ago I agree that Pat will be traded if he's not starting in January....that might be because he reached his ceilling or because Motie or someone else proved their're better. And be sure that next year things aren't gonna look the same as now, Morey and Les will evaluate this roster and send away the ones who didn't fill the expectations, besides, we'll have salary cap to spend. I'm not saying that's the way to go, but Les has proven he won't put up with being less than mediocre year after year, I don't think he has the patience to let the guys develop.

    Kobe won't hog that much, because there are very very few guys in the league who can put him in place, and one of them is Nash, the only way that Kobe's gonna hog the ball in crunch time is if Nash lets him, and given that Nash is the new guy, he might let him at the beginning.

    Totally agree that Miami's window is much more narrow that most think. Wade is getting old, and Indiana proved that when Wade struggled, Lebron couldn't do it entirely on his own.

    Lee is a great match for Boston, I really wish him well.

    In the East, we could be close to the playoffs, but this year's West? Not a chance, really, even if most teams are injury plagued. Like it or not, home wins against teams like Charlotte or Washington, or even Sacramento are not entirely guaranteed, so I refuse to have hope on a lucky trip to first round.
  • Stephen says 3 months ago Lee in Boston is going to be real interesting when(if) Bradley comes back. Bradley took Allens job and probably expects to return as the starter. OTOH,Lee is getting paid. Wonder if Lee transitions into 6th man backing up both Bradley and Pierce.

    For the Lakers,how long before Howard can play? The danger is Gasol gets burned out by Jan and Hill better be capable of starting and playing 30 minutes a game. While I also have my doubts on Nash/Kobe,It may turn out Nash runs the team for first 3 1/2 Quarters then Kobe takes over in crunch time As to the hero ball,Kobe has passed to guys he trusted,and he's on record as saying Nash is one of the best shooters in League.

    As to the Rockets,I think they'll be a better team,but may have a worse record. I can't look at the West and say there's a true dog in the bunch,compared to the East. As the season progresses and injuries and bad chemistry reveal themselves,there will be a couple of bad teams,but the West looks tough this yr.
    I have the Rockets about 11 in the West right now. But if there's a magical season,Lin settles in giving Lowry/Dragic production,Asik is capable of 30min+ of anchoring the D and rebounding,Parsons improves his shot and becomes more aggressive,Motie is not Dave Anderson revisited, one of the other rookies steps up and Martin bounces back... And if MInn,GS continue to be hobbled by injuries and Utah falls off...Not very likely,but possible.
    The Rockets will make the Play-Offs when they have a player who can carry the team by himself for extended stretches,a player the other team knows they have to stop,but still can't. How they get that player is to be determined-whether thru Draft,trade,FA or one of the young guys explodes.

    I wonder if Lebron stays thru his contract. In 2014,he's going to get antsy and I really doubt he's going to be there for 2015. He may fall in love w/Miami,but...2014 and the Lakers have only Nash and perhaps Howard under contract.

    I don't think this Pat's last shot at being an NBA starter,but it is his last shot at staying w/the Rockets. I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up in Sacramento. He and Cousins are good friends and he's be a nice complement to Cousins.(Heck he's be decent next to a healthy Bogut in GS or Bynum in Philly.) If Pat hasn't entrenched himself as the starting PF by Jan,I expect him to be traded in Feb.
  • sircharles says 3 months ago i disagree with the comment about the nuggets locking themselves into being mediocre, i feel they are one of the deepest and strongest defensive teams in the league
  • blakecouey says 3 months ago Im not sure that #3 is going to happen, mainly because I still give OKC the edge over the new Lakeshow. The Lakers have added such big new pieces it will take substantial time for them to gain the chemistry needed to beat the other great teams in the West(OKC/SA). The Heat made the finals in their first season, but aside from Chicago there weren't any other true threats that year. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Lakers in the finals, but I think continuity means a lot and think the road will be easier for the Thunder.

    I never got into the Spiderman movies, saw the first and didn't make myself suffer through any more.

    Courtney Lee is going to fit great in Beantown, hope he succeeds because it's the perfect opportunity for him.

    The Rockets are 3 years away, at best. It all depends on what we see this year, and what kind of draft pick we get and Toronto gives us.

    The Heat win it all again.


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