Introducing the ninetyfourums

After what has seemed like close to a year since the decision was made to incorporate a forum, the ninetyfourums are now up.  You can access the main forum page by clicking the ‘forums’ link on the banner or via  A few notes:

  1. Please take a moment to visit ESPN TrueHoop’s official Golden State Warriors affiliate,  Many of you have asked me what the holdup has been on launching and my response is that we’re not just installing pre-existing forum software.  Johannes Erdfelt and Jim Del Favero custom-built this to integrate with the native WordPress platform.  This allows me to seamlessly interweave the blog itself (the main page) and the forums so that they aren’t independent entities.  I can now push blog posts into the forums so that they can be viewed/commented upon from both locations – this was important to me.
  2. Consider what is up there now to be a starting point: After delaying for so long, I felt it important to just get this running while some season actually remained.  There are still many more features/functions to be worked out/implemented as we progress.  For example, I’d like to add facebook-style live update functionality so that new replies can be seen without refreshing and replies can be posted directly via the same screen.  And of course, the overall aesthetic could use work.  Please leave any suggestions you may have in the Feedback forum.  But for now, bear with us and consider this a starting point to get discussion started.
  3. We’ve divided the forums into four sub-forums, so please post accordingly.  Also follow general forum guidelines. We have two moderators who I will be introducing shortly.
  4. To post, you will need to register a username.  This name will also be used for blog comments.

I hope you guys enjoy and I hope this can grow into a spot for intelligent discussion.

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