Welcome, Felix Cardona; new chatroom moderator

You may have noticed that after a strong start, the Talk of the Moment chatrooms have completely died.  That’s mainly my fault.  Not having anyone to moderate, we got inconsistent with posting them at all.  Losing trust, you guys stopped coming completely.

Fortunately for Red94, Felix Cardona reached out to me about helping out.  I’m excited to announce that going forward, Felix will be our new full-time chatroom moderator.  I hope you’ll join him Wednesday night to watch the guys take on Blake Griffin and the Clippers.  Just give it a try – perhaps you’ll like it and want to make it a regular stop on game nights.

Here’s Felix in his own words:

“Hi, I’m Felix Cardona. I’m a Houston Rockets fan living all the way in the Caribbean on a small island called Puerto Rico. This might sound sacrilegious to hardcore Rockets fans but I became a follower of the team due to Tracy McGrady. I know, shocking, right? You may pelt me with cans later if you still desire so. I moved to Florida around the same time T-Mac got there from Toronto. I became a fan of his due to his all around ability, plus I wanted to be cool and pick someone not named Kobe. By the time he was traded to the Rockets I was back living in this small island and had no real connection to the Magic anyway. They were down right awful in every aspect while Tracy was there. So yes, I am one of ‘those’ fans. The ones who started off with not a proper allegiance to a team. A wanderer. A sports drifter. I followed Tracy’s career to Houston and was immediately excited. Yao Ming? The dude is 8 feet and 16 inches in my mind (hyperbole).

We all know how the era turned out. This time I stayed with the team. I had a connection with the organization that surpassed any ‘wandering fan’ thoughts in my head. I became a fan of the organization. I could have drifted and chosen another team when T-Mac went down or when he left but I didn’t. It was sacred ground in my mind. I was going to be here for lows and the highest of highs, when we reach them. I still have a soft spot for McGrady. I don’t hate him. He is at fault for a lot of things but I don’t think he is an evil person. I think he is mentally broken. But this is a story for another day.

I have been designed the CoveritLive chat moderator by Rahat with the hope that it can evolve into something great. It will be an uphill battle. The team is struggling. Our beacon of hope – Yao is gone. Superstars are not lining up to join our rag tag bunch of good players. We are in the Twilight Zone of mediocrity. We are not bad enough to tank. We are not good enough to contend. However this does not mean the chats have to be the same. As a moderator I’m going to be more involved in the chats. It won’t feel like a ‘users only’ gathering. I will be involved displaying rockets related pictures, youtube videos, making all types of polls, providing jokes and serious commentary as well as keeping our chat controlled and civilized. I will run the chat in a way that it feels both professional and inviting. I want readers to feel that they can join any chat at any moment without reservation. Some of you may know about Daily Dime Live and how it works. I want to harness what makes it special, improve it and add a Houston Rockets flavor to it. We have a small but dedicated community at the moment. I hope in time we can grow into a huge community. I hope that every chat is filled with hundreds of Rockets fans watching the game. I hope we can surpass our wildest expectations and be together when our team achieves the highest of highs. I hope.

PS. Kudos to anyone who gets the movie reference in the last four sentences.”

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