ESPN: Houston Rockets inform Hornets they are prepared to trade for Chris Paul with no assurance of an extension

There is also a small handful of teams that has informed the Hornets they are prepared to trade for Paul with no assurance that they can keep him beyond this season. That list, sources say, includes the Rockets, Boston Celtics and defending champion Dallas Mavericks.

Each of those teams would be gambling that Paul would be won over by his new surroundings and either elect to play out the final season of his current contract valued at $17.8 million in 2012-13 or opt out of his contract on July 1, 2012, and sign a new deal. Pauls 2011-12 salary is listed at $16.4 million.

via Chris Paul of New Orleans Hornets could be traded before season, sources say – ESPN.

Read the rest of the article.  There are nuggets.  Many, but far too much to be quoted.  I wrote last week of the dream scenario landing Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.  Acquiring Paul would be the first domino.

The good news from the above is that Morey indeed is willing to go all in for Paul, even without a guarantee that he stays.  The other good news is that apparently, other clubs in the race are hesitant to part with key assets without said guarantee – the Clippers are unwilling to move Gordon; the Lakers seem to be holding onto Bynum for a Howard trade.

The sources cite the Rockets, Celtics, and Mavericks as the three teams willing to go broke for Paul without an extension.  That begs the question whether Rondo is seen as more desirable than whatever Houston is offering.

I’ll preface with this: I don’t think we get it done.  We just don’t have that blue-chip prospect around which to center a deal.  I commend the effort and bravery, but like last year, I don’t think we get this done.

My thoughts: I spoke with many of you on Twitter roughly seven minutes ago about this news.  For the most part, most of you are in agreeance: go broke or go home.  To those of you seemingly against this rumored offer, I must ask: to what exactly are you holding onto?  As it stands, this team is embedded in the cruel clutches of mediocrity.  Kyle Lowry and the like are nice players and men for whom I have the utmost respect….but these aren’t game-changers.  As it stands, the Rockets are looking at perpetual 8th-seed irrelevance.  The sole truth of the NBA hardwood might just be the necessity of a superstar.

You trade for Paul and give yourself a chance.  If he leaves, so be it.  You’ve lost nothing irreplaceable.  You begin a complete rebuilding.  But you gave yourself a chance.

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