Congrats, Jason Wu

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With this submission, Jason Wu is the winner of our cufflinks giveaway and Red94′s first-ever photo contest.  In Jason’s words:

This was when Yao showed up in Houston for the first time.  I think it was in February, but we painted ourselves and sat in the upper deck at the Summit.  Sure enough the stadium guys found us after we stood up during every timeout.  We got spotlighted and made the Chronicle/Yahoo news about welcoming Yao to the states.

I’m the letter “i”

Thanks to all who participated.  This was fun, digging through your submissions, each worthy to the prize in its own right. Coincidentally, I just got word earlier today that I’ll have tickets to several upcoming games available for giveaway at my discretion.  I’ll keep running these contests through next week, so be sure to check for those opportunities.  While I like it, I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the photo theme, but I am fond of the idea of publishing reader-generated content.  More of you can only be a good thing and is a unique angle I’d like to take as we move forward.  After all, with the Rockets sitting at 1-6, facing the prospect of another Yao injury, we’ll have to find something to keep things interesting around these shores.

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