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[video] Kobe Bryant on loss to Rockets, Nash, Harden

What a game.  What a team.

As a colleague put it afterwards, “the Rockets sure are playing well, aren’t they?…and they’re the youngest freaking team in the league!”  The Lakers jumped on Houston early, but the Rockets buried them with 3′s and darts to the hoop.  It was too much of the usual from the good guys.  The scary part is that you know they’ll get better.  As always, some rookie will step up from the shadows or some trade at the deadline will pay dividends.  It always happens.  This team needs to just avoid injury.

I waited about an hour to capture the above footage as the subject of the recording took his time in gracing us with his presence.  For anyone else, I wouldn’t have done it.  But…it’s Kobe.

I knew he’d come out of one of the doors from the training room as he always does.  So as time passed, I flinched at any movement from that direction.  At least five times, when I thought Kobe Bryant was emerging to speak, it turned out to be Antawn Jamison.

A funny moment which I wish I had caught on tape: Someone asked Steve Nash, with regard to tallying his 10,000th assist, how much further he thought he could climb on the all-time list.  He responded that he wasn’t really sure of where those above him stood.  Someone said, “well Stockton is at 15,000″ to which Nash reacted with a blank look as if to say, “yea, that’s not happening.”  We all laughed.

Nash was a joy to watch tonight in the first half, on several plays schooling Toney Douglas with pullup jumpers.  Overall, there were stints early where the Lakers backcourt seemed like characters in a video game, showing off assortments of moves and ball-handling.  But all of that flash and aesthetic was not enough against the Rockets’ high-octane attack.

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  • Ostrow says 1 YEAR ago Morris looked absolutely terrible last night. He couldn't rebound, he wasn't rotating on the pick and roll, and he kept leaving Artest open for threes. It was painful to watch early on.
  • Alituro says 1 YEAR ago Last night's game is making me begin to rescind my criticism of PPat's rebounding skills. He was grabbing tough boards like a man possessed last night and that's very refreshing. I know he only grabbed 4 of them, but each one took good positioning and effort, they didn't just fall into his lap. I hope he keeps the effort up. I think he may be one of those guys who thrives coming off the bench, always trying to prove he deserves to be a starter. Make him a starter though and the drive seems it can disappear.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago stoked that we won! pissed the F off I still cant watch. pretty G-- D--- annoying. most exciting season in 4-5 years, it not more, and i cant watch. most of us have shared this complaint multiple times and its become tiresome to keep bringing it up.

    anyway, early in the season, i complained on this forum about, "where is this run and gun, high scoring offense we've been hearing about?" but i obviously spoke too soon on that. i guess i should have given them time considering the roster moves and youth. glad to see things coming together sooner than expected!
  • rockets best fan says 1 YEAR ago watching the lakers fall flat on their faces is almost as much fun as watching the rockets winning and maturing. who would have guess the rockets record of 21-14 while the lakers struggle at 15-19. if the lakers don't make the playoffs heads will roll no doubt about it. just shows why they play the games, because paper teams don't win titles.
  • Red94 says 1 YEAR ago New post: [video] Kobe Bryant on loss to Rockets, Nash, Harden
  • Red94 says 1 YEAR ago New post: Houston Rockets 125, Los Angeles Lakers 112: Rockets Clamp Down after Shaky Start
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago Rockets by 7! 113 106
  • Kade says 1 YEAR ago

    Rahat Huq, on 08 January 2013 - 15:51 PM said:

    I see this as a trap game. I could easily see Kobe going off for 50 and Nash for 30 and 20 and the Lakers turning their season around.

    ...well, maybe not.

    But I do hope the good guys don't take this team lightly.

    Rockets aren't good enough to take any team lightly and hopefully they feel that way as well. Would be nice to get a blow out win but wouldn't surprise me if it's closer than we like.
  • feelingsupersonic says 1 YEAR ago With McHale as coach I don't think the Rockets players will ever be allowed to take that team in purple and gold very lightly, especially with Kobe the way he is playing this year. The matchup on the wing between Bryant and Harden should be tops.
  • Rahat Huq says 1 YEAR ago I see this as a trap game. I could easily see Kobe going off for 50 and Nash for 30 and 20 and the Lakers turning their season around.

    ...well, maybe not.

    But I do hope the good guys don't take this team lightly.

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