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Should the Houston Rockets pursue Eric Bledsoe? Part 1

There is one sole impact free agent remaining on the market and subsequently mentions of his name fill my timeline regularly with readers inquiring as to both the feasibility and advisability of an acquisition of said player.  I’m speaking of course, of Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe who has yet to reach terms with his [...]

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On James Harden and Team USA

Surely you’ve heard by now that James Harden declared himself to be the best all-around player in the game, some days ago.  Much has been made of the comment, but I personally don’t see a problem.  Obviously, the statement isn’t factually correct, but what does it matter?  I want my best player to exude confidence.  That’s [...]

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The Morey Fallacy

I would have been much better served writing this post back in July when the topic was fresh and relevant.  But I didn’t, so now will have to do. In the days following the apex of Houston’s disastrous summer, when the team lost Chandler Parsons after striking out on every major free agent, the critics [...]

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Houston Rockets’ summer assignment list: Part 3, Dwight Howard

Many of you were very upset by my characterization of James Harden in my last installment of this series.  There, I said that in Harden, “I [saw] a player who is selfish and not as committed to the team and winning as he is to himself.”  I stand by those comments and by that opinion. Dwight Howard [...]

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Taking a look at the schedule

The one interesting thing in August has happened: the NBA schedule was released last week. Now that we all have the full schedule at our fingertips, it’s time to take a look at Houston’s slate of games and check for items of note. There are always peculiarities to the schedule each year, and this one [...]

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