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Will James Harden mature?

I was watching some old Youtube clips of Steve Francis this past weekend and reflecting back on that dark era in Rockets history.  When he came in, that rookie year, he was just an absolute sensation, viewed as almost a new-age Isiah Thomas.  He couldn’t handle a zone defense or run a fastbreak* to save [...]

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Epilogue: The Houston Rockets’ Chandler Parsons decision

Sufficient time has elapsed now since the Houston Rockets’ decision to not match the offer sheet signed by Chandler Parsons that I am confident it was the correct course of action.  I guess what they say is true: the passage of time truly does distance emotion. Regarding Parsons’ earlier comments this week aimed towards the [...]

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Embracing the void

This hasn’t been the best week for the Houston Rockets. Starting with the moment Chandler Parsons signed an offer sheet in a nightclub to the moment the Rockets declined to match that offer, everything that could go wrong seemingly went wrong. What at first looked like risky but positive moves have now culminated in what [...]

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Houston Rockets decline to match on Chandler Parsons, sun rises Monday morning

All of my initial reactions to this story are on Twitter. This is not the end of the world.  Friday, when Chris Bosh spurned the team, was the end of the world. I am definitely shocked by this news.  As I had written over the weekend, I fully expected the team to match on Parsons. [...]

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My worst nightmare realized: Trevor Ariza returns to the Houston Rockets

The title is for grins, a running shtick with my loyal followers on Twitter who so kindly checked on my wellbeing upon news of this acquisition.  This was a very good signing.  Make no mistake about that.  If viewed from the prism of Bosh, it is difficult not to be incredibly underwhelmed.  In relation to [...]

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