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Houston Rockets vs Portland Trailblazers: Some thoughts about the benches, Harden’s defense, and adjustments

First, the benches At the end of the regular season, the Portland Trailblazers was the most bench-allergic team in the league. Portland played its bench 29.55% of the time, or dead last in the league. I’ve noted that, given the bench data, the Golden State Warriors and Trailblazers are in precarious states because they both play [...]

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History in Hindsight: A look back at the 2009 Portland-Houston series.

Five years is an eternity in the NBA. Five years ago, the Houston Rockets were supposed to be championship contenders.  Their goal was not to just get to the second round or to the Conference Finals, but to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy up in June.  The trio of Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and new [...]

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2013-14 Regular Season Retrospective

It is the nature of modern sports coverage and fandom to be constantly looking onwards to what is to come. The playoffs are going to be awesome this year, some of the kids in the draft are going to be superstars and you’d better have one eye on your cap sheet for when all the [...]

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The Houston Rockets against LaMarcus Aldridge

On the year, LaMarcus Aldridge averaged 23.2 points and 11.1 boards while shooting 45.8% from the floor.  Against the Houston Rockets, in four games this year, Aldridge put up 26.8 points and pulled down 15.5 boards, shooting 44.7%.  He averaged 36.2 minutes per game against the entire league but played 39.1 minutes per contest against [...]

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How realistic is a Houston Rockets championship?

There are many reasons to believe the Rockets might have a legitimate shot at this year’s title. They went 4-0 against the team with the best record in the league. They have two of the top 10 players. They have one of the best records in the league since January. They are recovering from a [...]

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