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[video] Hornets rookie Anthony Davis on loss to Rockets

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  • Jeby says 1 YEAR ago Ditto to Rahat's comment about having a superstar.

    For the last three years, it usually took about three above-expected performances from role players to win a game. The chances of any three role players producing over their talent levels every night are slim. Replace one of those guys with someone who puts up 25/5/5 every night, and only two guys have to step up each night to earn a win. To put it another way, James Harden lowers the risk factor in each game.
  • CruzanEmpire says 1 YEAR ago amacbrooks is correct. It was a back to back for them. Giving the nature of his injury, they wanted to rest him.
  • phaketrash says 1 YEAR ago @amacbrooks; I think they wanted to rest him and make sure he didn't re-injure himself or something.
  • amacbrooks12 says 1 YEAR ago Why didn't Eric Gordon play ?
  • Johnny Rocket says 1 YEAR ago Great summary. The Rockets did not shoot particularly well (especially from the three-point line) and still won. As I watched the game, the Rockets seemed like a veteran team, confident they could find a way to win even when not playing their best. I'm very bullish about our playoff hopes.

    I think Patterson will continue to come off the bench. Morris seems much, much better as a starter, while Patterson brings immediate energy and helps solidify the defense of the second unit. Whoever is hot can finish the game.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago

    Rahat Huq, on 03 January 2013 - 15:36 PM said:

    It feels nice to have a superstar to fall back on at the end of the game. The Rockets would have lost that game in any of the last 3 years.

    no kidding and amen!
  • Rahat Huq says 1 YEAR ago It feels nice to have a superstar to fall back on at the end of the game. The Rockets would have lost that game in any of the last 3 years.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago so .... im glad we won, but that was about as boring of a game to attend as possible. no surprise though, being on a wednesday night against one of the leagues worst teams. had the rockets played like that against anyone but the hornets (or maybe 2 or 3 other teams), they would have lost. way too many missed 3s and what seemed like a lot of offensive rebounds given up. i was getting upset when NO tied it late, but then harden and patterson pretty much took it right back. also, i know its just one game, but i saw absolutely nothing from the unibrow that impressed me aside from a couple of pretty looking, early jumpers.
  • Red94 says 1 YEAR ago New post: Houston Rockets 104, New Orleans Hornets 92: Tough Victories count too.
  • Red94 says 1 YEAR ago New post: [video] Hornets rookie Anthony Davis on loss to Rockets
  • RYLIU says 1 YEAR ago To Jeby, you are spot on. I noticed the same things about Harden's defense. Besides not being in position and not contesting diligently, he also does not fight thru screens and hardly ever pick up charges. He does go for blocks near the basket though. Harden is an all star already, to take the next step to super star, he needs to play better defense.
  • thejohnnygold says 1 YEAR ago All true. I am excited to see how PPat and Marcus Morris fare against "the brow". I expect solid games from them as i believe they have the advantage in that match-up.
  • amacbrooks12 says 1 YEAR ago This one is going to be interesting to watch, especially the Harden vs Gordon matchup. It's going to be like watching a right handed Harden with Gordon out there, being that they both have the same play styles. Gordon excels in the pick and roll, can draw fouls easily, knows how to drive and finish, and can shoot the 3 quite well. Should be a fun matchup to watch.
  • Jeby says 1 YEAR ago Good point about Harden's defense. The biggest thing I've noticed with him is that he really hasn't been closing out on three-point shooters. He spends most of his time roaming for steals, which leaves him sagging off his man. Often if he's a step out of position when his man gets the ball he doesn't even bother to put a hand up as the rock sails toward the basket. He's already looking to get the rebound or catch the outlet pass.

    If he tries that against Eric Gordon, he'll get torched tonight.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago im going to the game tonight. will be the 2nd game i will have seen. the other being one of the two espn games, so im definitely excited, but my tickets were freebies from CSN Houston, so theyre nosebleed. anyway, Go Rockets!
  • hubeijames says 1 YEAR ago This post seems like an absurd attempt to make this match have much more weight and uncertainty than it should. Are you an NBA analyst or are you a marketer for NBA telecasts? Are you a politician's campaign spokesman, trying to manage expectations to make sure every victory is a surprise?

    The Hornicans have a lot of upside, but they are not going to turn things around overnight. Rather than trying to paint a painfully unrealistic picture that it's "anyone's game," for lopsided matches like this your analysis should be focused on elements of the game unrelated to who gets the W and L. Heck, you had stuff to talk about: Harden's Kobe-esque defense, Houston's victory margins, etc. That stuff is interesting; don't waste it on hyping NO's chances tonight.

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