The Rockets Daily – July 16, 2013

Dwight and Master Splinter – It was a slow day for Rockets news, but from the vast archives of the interwebs, this video of Howard training with Hakeem Olajuwon in 2010 seems more relevant than ever.

What’s so remarkable about this video is that the basics of so many of Hakeem’s moves can be taught in a few minutes (see “The Code” around the 7:30 mark), but the ability to make the right move instinctively takes years of work. Even without any of his old athleticism, the Dream executes his moves with twice as much fluidity as Dwight. Part of that is no doubt due to Hakeem’s naturally feline movement, which Howard will never have, but much of it is the result of thousands of hours of reps.

In that vein, Sekou Smith at fully endorses the possibility of the Dream coming to work full-time for the Rockets:

Howard’s physical tools are already there. Toss in some skill work with a master like Olajuwon and the Rockets have a chance to see the very best from Howard.

You Can’t Go Home Again – When I saw the title to this great piece at the Dream Shake (“The Rockets’ Reorganized Front Office”) I assumed it was referring to the departure of key executives like Same Hinkie to other teams. Wrong. It was in response to Daryl Morey’s “assistant GM” comments. Gone are the days when Dork Elvis could wheel-and-deal with impunity:

Well, long story short, you’ve got to keep your team happy and build the roster. James and Dwight will have their say because they’re slated to be on the Rockets for the next four years at a minimum. Morey has never hesitated to pull the trigger on the right deal if it comes around but the players on the roster so far don’t seem to be the kind that will hold the rest of the team back. It remains to be seen whether or not Jeremy can be the point guard on a title team but he has to have that opportunity first, no? Omer has proven his worth in a back up and starting capacity so there’s no concerns there. So long as Houston avoids the Cleveland conundrum (Where your franchise player dictates so many moves you’re financially handcuffed and aforementioned player leaves due to your inability to be flexible anymore) there shouldn’t be a problem.

Hold that thought about Cleveland, which leads me to my tweet of the day…

Make no mistake, Chandler Parsons has business smarts to go with that hair. As revealed more than a month before the Dwecision, Parsons hired Dwight Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, over at Relativity Sports. He has also become Dwight Howard’s bro-est bro.

He’s making less than $1 million per year as a second-round pick all the way until 2015, when he finally becomes a restricted free agent. Chandler has a great thing going as the third or fourth-best player and fan favorite on a potentially championship-caliber team, and it makes sense that he will want to stay in tax-free Houston when his big payday comes around in two years. The best for that to happen is for him to develop into Houston’s third All-Star. The second best way is to make sure the team’s franchise player will demand that the team keep you–and pay you. Parsons isn’t taking any chances.

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