How Do the Rockets Beat the NBA?

The season is rapidly approaching, and the time for previews and speculation is here. The Houston Rockets have as much to speculate on as any team in the league, with a new superstar in Dwight Howard. Nobody knows how the Rockets will be able to defeat other teams in the league, but we can certainly speculate and postulate all month long. I’ll be doing exactly that for the next few weeks, looking at how the Rockets will have to approach each team in each division to achieve victory.

The Rockets are one of the most peculiar teams in the league, as their recent rebuilding efforts have left them with a team comprised half of contending pieces and half of movable assets. Having Dwight Howard and Ömer Aşık on the same team isn’t optimal, but it was unavoidable. Jeremy Lin, while a good point guard who still has massive potential, probably isn’t the best fit for the lineup. Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas show some promise, but aren’t what you want for a team hoping to win it all. James Harden and Dwight Howard, on the other hand, may well be the two best players at their respective positions.

So how does this still-evolving group of players leverage their skills to beat every single team? That’s what I’ll be examining for the next three weeks. Many teams have changed, many players have progressed, and the Rockets themselves are a very new animal. Let’s engage in speculation for a few weeks, argue in the comments, and get ready for the season to begin. It’s finally September.

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