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Trail Blazers 122, Houston Rockets 120 – A great game for the rest of the nation

The main thing you don’t want to do at the start of a playoff series is to lose game one. You also want to avoid having a key player suffer an injury, try to prevent the opposing star players from absolutely detonating and most of all don’t let double digit leads evaporate in record time. [...]

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Rockets vs Blazers Roundtable

Game one of the most important playoff series of the year tips off tonight, and to celebrate we at Red94 put together our own little roundtable to discuss what we think about the Houston Rockets and the playoffs this season. Mitchell Felker, Paul McGuire, Richard Li and myself answer five burning questions below.

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Houston Rockets 104, San Antonio Spurs 98 – That’ll do it

It took a while to get there, but the Rockets finally clinched home court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The San Antonio Spurs happened to be the team in the way of it, and they also happened to get swept by the Rockets. The Spurs might have been resting starters late, [...]

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To rest or not to rest?

With two games to go before the playoffs, the Houston Rockets face a quandary. Should head coach Kevin McHale rest his starters (and key bench players) for these last two games? If so, how much? Perhaps most importantly, how does Portland’s overtime win over Golden State figure into it? Some teams will simply shut down [...]

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Houston Rockets 145, Los Angeles Lakers 130 – That little 130? I wouldn’t worry about that little 130

One hundred forty five. Depending on the context, that can be a lot of different sizes. 145 pennies? Not very impressive. 145 dollars? That’s getting somewhere. 145 yachts? Yikes, that’s a lot of opulence! Somewhere in the middle is the scale of NBA points. That’s about 40% more than the average NBA score. That’s a [...]

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