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In five years of hardcore following basketball, I don’t think I’ve seen a more bizarre basketball game, whether Rockets or otherwise, in my entire life.  Words fail me to describe just what the heck happened here, but I will attempt to do my best.

The first half can basically be summed up by a paragraph I wrote shortly after it ended:

In an earlier recap, I declared a 102-91 defeat against our hated rivals Utah to be a disaster and an embarrassment.  Tonight’s game has taught me the valuable lesson of being cautious in using those words – because if the Utah loss was a disaster, tonight’s loss was the equivalent of the 140 car wreck that occurred in Southeast Texas during the recent Thanksgiving.

Even the first half was ridiculous, if for no other reason than that it can be summed up by “Almost every Rocket on the floor sucked, and only the scoring contributions of Mr. Toney Douglas prevented it from becoming a ridiculous blowout.”  If you do not understand the peculiarities of this statement, please turn in your Rockets fancard now.

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in game coverage

[video] Kobe, postgame after loss to Rockets

Game recognize game: Kobe with Arian Foster

You can see some really cool things in the back of Toyota Center, after the game.  That happened today.  Above, Kobe chatted with Texans running back Arian Foster (along with James Harden) for a good five minutes.

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