According to Sam Amick (via Twitter), Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has requested a trade.  The Houston Rockets had been rumored two summers ago to have had serious interest in trading up in the draft to nab the skilled big man.

In Daryl Morey’s never-ending quest for a franchise cornerstone, will he now pounce?  Cousins is troubled, but skilled bigs don’t grow on trees.  I personally would offer the Kings everything on this roster except for Lowry.

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The gist: Expect sluggish legs with the Rockets on the tail end of the dreaded schedule hazard. The Hawks are on the second night of their back-to-back and will be coming off a home game against the Nets.

Key matchup: Kevin Martin vs Joe Johnson

A high-volume scorer, a reliable free throw shooter, and a primary offensive option. Check, check, check. This faceoff has the trappings of 30 points each from both ballers… by the end of the third quarter.

X-factor: Terrence Williams

With an Atlanta team that sports a shallow SF position (Josh Smith is a PF in my book), this is Williams’ opportunity to play his heart out. Of course, for all we know, I could be referring to Marvin.

Code Red: Tracy McGrady. Jerry Stackhouse. Vladimir Radmanovic. These three guys may have some gas left in the tank. The Rockets would do better than to spark their fuel with some open looks and converted baskets. Better make sure the Rockets don’t chow on too many slices of Alex Meruelo’s La Pizza Loca.

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From the Ninetyfourums: On Deron, Dwight

A reader, Stephen, in response to the possibility of Dallas signing both Deron and Dwight, writes:

The Rockets could do the same,only w/a much better supporting cast intact.
It basically involves trading Martin for no incoming 2012 salary or using the amnesty on him.
Not re-sign Thabeet,let Flynn and Dragic go. Stretch buy-out Dalembert’s $1.5mil 2012 option so it only counts $500,000 against Salary Cap.

Left w/ Scola,Lowry,Hill,Williams,Patterson,Morris,Motie(coming over),Bud,Parsons. About $29mil in salary,leaving just enough for 2 LeBron,Bosh type $14.5mil deals.
Llull could come over,his 2 Rd salary not counting towards cap til he signs. MLE available for Lee.
I’d assume if such was agreed upon by Dwight and Deron Williams,Lowry would get traded for some cap relief and a young player/draft pick,freeing up more room to sign Dwight,Williams.
If such a fantasy came true:
Knicks pick and any others

The scenario where the Rockets could chase Dwight and Williams is very remote. BUT,it’s possible and it has to be in Rocket’s thinking.
So I doubt the team makes any moves until the Dwight situation gets resolved. If Dwight is traded-or reasonably certain to be-then I think the Rockets will make some trades,resolving the Martin/Lee situation among others. Until then,or forced by a particular situation,they’re standing pat.(Which means they’ll probably pull off a multi player,multi-team blockbuster trade tomorrow :) .)

Obviously the pipe-dream of all pipe-dreams, but interesting nonetheless.

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  Friday, 7:00PM CST @ Memphis

Thread for in-game discussion.


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The Red94 Podcast – Episode 7

In today’s episode, I touch on last night’s win at home over the Spurs.

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