In the 2012 All-Star Game, Lebron James had the ball in his hands with the game on the line. Guarding him was Kobe Bryant, long lauded for his crunch time successes. Bryant told James to “Shoot the ******* ball.” James did not. He passed. Twice. James’s team lost.

The usual talking heads adopted their usual sides. In one corner, heroball pundits thought that James, as the anointed one, should have taken the shot. In the other corner, basketball purists thought that James made the correct basketball play, passing out of a double team to create a better shot for his teammate.

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DwightLife – Chapter 7: Batman and Robin

Dwight Howard’s arrival in Houston signals the arrival of one of the most dominant players in basketball, along with one of the most polarizing personalities in sports. Here at Red94, we are embracing the drama of Superman’s first season as a Rocket with a weekly column: “DwightLife.”

Are the Houston Rockets truly Dwight Howard’s team?

Heading into the season, that was a little bit of an unresolved question, but we may be getting closer to an answer. [read more…]

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The Orlando Magic look to have a lot to look forward to in years to come, but they are very much playing for the future right now. For a team that can reasonably be accused of playing down to the level of their opposition at times, this was a chance for the Rockets to show that they are capable of efficiently dispatching inferior opponents. It wasn’t a completely serene process, but in the end they came away with a comfortable win. It’s great that occasionally everything can go according to plan!

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