On the Houston Rockets’ alleged interest in Andris Biedrins

via Warriors Aren’t Just Giving Away Biedrins | Inside the Warriors:

I’ve been told the Rockets have offered Hasheem Thabeet and Jordan Hill. Haven’t confirmed if they were offered as a package, but the figures add up. Thabeet, a former No. 2 overall pick, is widely regarded as someone who simply not good enough to play in the NBA and probably won’t be. There is still some hope for Jordan Hill, but he’s got a Post-It note on his back that says “stiff.”

Bottom line for the Warriors: that’s not enough.

The Biedrins rumors are intriguing if for no other reason than that the still-only-25-year-old center averaged 11 boards per game at age 22 some years ago.  Andris’ production has dropped rather dramatically but this at least provides some insight into the Rockets’ thinking.  [And hopefully a muzzle for those screaming on draft night in regards to what they perceived as a lack of recognition from Rockets management regarding the team's need for height...]

The contract, slated at $9million annually, is tough to swallow…until really conceptualizing the math.  The top centers on the market this summer (Jordan/Gasol) will scoff at similar offers.  Where do I sign up?  A frontcourt trio of Biedrins-Patterson-Morris could man the paint for the foreseeable future.

What’s disappointing though is that, if this report is true, it speaks to the team’s opinions of Thabeet.  I was about the only one left who held still any hopes for the former #2-overall-pick.  If dangling him for a player in Biedrins whose team can’t seem to even give him away, it would appear the Rockets have little confidence in Hasheem’s chances of turning things around.

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ESPN’s David Thorpe on Morris: “He’s a home run.”

I won’t bother quoting the article because it’s a must-read in totality, but you can access it here, via the Chronicle.  Just fascinating insight from one of the most respected judges of talent in the industry.

In honesty, Thorpe’s analysis almost awakened the child within me.  He touches on Morris’ versatile skillset and potential to bully opposing small forwards inside.  It’s exciting to consider the possibilities.  We focus so much on vertical leaps and wingspans that sometimes, we just forget about the ‘ballers.’ Dunking from the free throw line is nice, but you don’t want a 6’8 badass with handles and a mean streak trucking down opponents inside?  How do Paul Pierce’s combine numbers stack up against clowns like Trevor Ariza?

Thorpe calls Patterson the steal of last year’s draft and says Morris has the potential to be, for this year, the same.  After seeing PP’s impact on games late last season upon replacing an injured Luis Scola, you just can’t wait for the season to get underway.

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Morning-after reactions to the Houston Rockets’ 2011 draft performance

A lot of thoughts.  First, I recommend heading over to SBNation’s TheDreamshake for in-depth pick by pick coverage of yesterday’s event.

One thing I want to touch on is my attitude towards the draft itself, in general.  It used to be something I regarded with complete apathy, and for good reason.  There was little chance anyone Carrol Dawson selected, even a first-rounder, would have any impact on the team so why become emotionally invested in the process?  That’s changed.  With Morey at the helm, if it’s a first-rounder, there’s a pretty good chance the player selected will be on your television screen for extended periods in the near future.  On a night when the team selected two players in the first round, there’s much reason for excitement.

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The Rockets pull another mulligan.

Two summers in a row, while the rest of the NBA world seems to traffic in the kind of high-stakes rumors that make Peter Vescey’s palms sweaty and heart skip a beat, the Houston Rockets made two presumably heady, low-budget moves by signing Trevor Ariza and Brad Miller in consecutive summers. And apparently, for the second summer in a row, Daryl Morey decided he didn’t like the deal after only a year and shipped out the offending contract to take on players on rookie contracts. The departure of Miller will certainly end an era in hilariously depressing ends of important late-season games (and will definitely kill our hip quotient), but this move signifies something about Morey that almost seems to make him better than infallible: self-awareness.

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Houston Rockets select Marcus Morris at #14, acquire Jonny Flynn and Donatas Motiejunas via Minnesota

via ESPN:

The Houston Rockets have reached an agreement on a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolvesto acquire guard Jonny Flynn and the rights to No. 20 overall pick Donatas Motiejunas, according to sources with knowledge of the trade.

Sources told ESPN.com that the Rockets will send the rights to Nikola Mirotic, the 23rd pick, and No. 38 in Thursday’s draft, along with veteran center Brad Miller and a future first-round pick from the Memphis Grizzlies, to acquire Flynn and Montiejunas.

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