A 5-on-5 Projecting Omer Asik’s Future

You know why we’re here. We know why we’re here. Omer Asik is (probably) getting traded very, very soon, and once it happens the deal’s aftershock will reverberate around the entire NBA. It may be the season’s most important trade, and it could happen any minute. Here are five questions tackled by five writers on our staff. THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. Great. Now on with it. [read more…]

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The Rockets Daily – December 18, 2013

Trade Winds – Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Stein have the latest rumblings on Asik.

Injury Report – Via the Houston Chronicle: James Harden’s ankle sprain was of the “high” variety, which is not good. Also, Jeremy Lin is now seeing a specialist for his back spasms. If you like watching the Rockets run their offense through Dwight Howard in the post, this week is an excellent time to tune in.

Welcome Back, MacKevin McHale returned to practice on Tuesday, and his players were happy to have him there.

“Not having his voice or his face over there, it makes a big difference,” Chandler Parsons told reporters. “I’m just glad to have him back. He seemed like he was in good spirits today. As players, we’re going to do everything we can to make him feel comfortable and at home and just continue to play hard and try to win games for him.” [read more…]

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Unlike yesterday when Jeff Green’s name started really making the rounds, there isn’t really anything new to report that hasn’t been mentioned.  That’s why I’ve decided to compose a random stream of consciousness of my thoughts at this hour to fill the time.  If you’re looking for updates, you won’t find any on this particular page.

  • I’ve mentioned this a few times, but is there any player in the league regarding whom there is greater variance between actual ability and fan perception than Omer Asik?  You gotta see some of the stuff that’s come up on my timeline: opposing fans think this guy is a complete scrub with bad hair.  After I tweeted about the Aldridge report hinting at a Cavs swap involving Varejao, someone from the Cavs end actually said they’d only do it if Parsons were included too and even then, “maybe.”  Uhhh, what.

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