The Daily Blast – February 6, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways – If there is a record for number of records tied or broken in an NBA game, the Rockets probably broke it last night.

1. Tied most 3-pointers made in an NBA game: 23

2. Tied most 3-pointers made in a first half: 14

2. New team record: most 3-pointers made in a Houston Rockets game

3. Most points scored in the Toyota Center: 140

5. Most three pointers by Jeremy Lin in a game: 5

List continues after the break…

6. Most first half points this season: 77

7. Most first quarter points this season: 38

8. Most points by a single team in regulation this season.

9. Most assists in a Rockets game this season: 35

Roll That Beautiful Three Footage

Andrew Bynum Memorial Anti-Sportsmanship Award – Awarded for cheap shots in a blowout game, goes to Draymond Green for grabbing Patrick Beverly by the neck last night while trying to prevent him from setting a new NBA record.

Tweet That- PPatt keeps it chippy after the game.

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Yao – The big man was back in town Tuesday, and he said one thing that just kind of breaks your feet heart.

“I still follow the game. I miss the game. I have to say, I miss the game sometimes.”

The game misses you too.

The BubbleRob Mahoney and Ben Golliver discuss teams that are on one. Both of them see the Jazz sliding out of the race:

So to recap: The Jazz are slow on the back line, don’t complete defensive possessions and still foul far too often. They’re nowhere near the worst defensive team in the league, but their work on that end is suspect enough — even relative to the Rockets, who are shaky defensively in their own way — that it could wind up costing the Jazz a postseason berth.

Of course, thanks to the reverse-jinx principle, you can now write the Jazz in to the playoffs in thick, black ink.

Tradewatch – Paul Gasol may ask for a trade in the summer, but I doesn’t want to leave yet. From the L.A. Times:

“It would be hard for me to deal with another season knowing the facts you just mentioned,” said Gasol, 32 and with one year remaining on his contract.

“So do you ask for a fresh start elsewhere?”

“It’s a possibility,” he said, “yes.”

He will not request a trade before this month’s deadline, he said, although he knows there is interest from other teams for a starting center and he will be returning to the bench soon.

Then, as if  to make sure he doesn’t leave, he injures his foot.

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