The Daily Blast – April 9, 2013

Weird – There were no NBA games last night. I guess they wanted to give all those guys a much-earned rest or something. We really get spoiled by getting to watch basketball being played on the highest level night after night. Not last night, though.

All That Power – The Rockets held steady at no. 9 in Marc Stein’s ESPN rankings, same story in John Schumann’s rankings on Cool nugget from Schumann’s rankings: Jeremy Lin averaged 19.8 points and 9.3 assists over the last four games. BalLin’.

Tweet That – Jeremy Lin just broke the #humblebrag scale.

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CMO: Chief Morale Officer - Lin can get away with that bald-faced humblebrag because he seems like one of the best teammates ever. From the Chronicle:

“He texted me after almost every game, especially if I did good,” (Terrence) Jones said. “I texted him after his games, too, when I was down there. I talked to James (Harden) after almost every game. A lot of guys checked with me, but J-Lin especially. J-Lin was always texting everybody. J-Lin texted me every game pretty much every time I went down.

“It definitely helped to know he was watching, my teammates were cheering for me to do well down there. It means a lot.”

Lin said he made a point to keep up with the play of his teammates in the D-League and to let them know they had not been forgotten.

Lin’s rapport with his teammates seems to extend to his new blog, where he had a very senior-class-memories-inspired rundown of his teammates:

Funniest: Greg Smith

Best Dressed: Francisco Garcia

Only person I have dunked on in the NBA: Francisco Garcia

Eats the most: Omer Asik

Most underrated comedian: James Anderson

Most athletic: Patrick Beverley

Longest Beard: James Harden

Uses the most hair product: Chandler Parsons

So there you have it–everything you wanted to know about the Rockets but were too afraid to ask.

Caring – Hickory-High asks if you should care about the end of the regular season:

April 17

Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

Last day of the season! These games could decide who the eighth seed is, so both the Jazz and the Lakers will play to win. The Rockets, as of today, still have a shot at moving up to sixth, while the Grizzlies could catch a banged up Denver to claim the third seed. It’s possible that all four of these teams will have something to play for. As a result, you should care as much as South Koreans care about Kim Jong-Un’s mood.

For those of you who are illiterate in international relations, that means yes. Yes, you should care.

We Miss You, ChandlerThe Dream Shake breaks down Parsons’ game as the playoff approach, and points out one quality that makes him a guy to go to war with:

3) He Gets Up for Big Matchups

This is one of the reasons why I have high hopes for Parsons in the playoffs. When the stakes are high, Parsons excels. This applies to offense where he loves the big shot, but perhaps more so to defense. Against the great wings in the league, Parsons gets hyped up and seems to succeed. Even in a season where he seems like he’s sometimes conserving energy on the defensive end, when a big opponent comes the Rockets way, Parsons gives it his all.

Since the Rockets will likely face Durantula in the first round, Parsons’ ability to “get up” will be taxed to the limit. Let’s hope that calf heals up quickly.

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