The Red94 Podcast: Trade Deadline Special

Huge thanks to @NathanGaber for recording our live broadcast earlier today.  Today’s episode is a replay of The Red94 Live Trade Deadline Special where Michael Pina and I broke down the rumors swirling around the Rockets’ pursuit of Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo.

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  • bob schmidt says 6 months ago

    I cannot see Rondo adding much to this team, period. During the podcast, I think I remember someone commenting that Rondo is the type who could "get in Harden's face"... Doesn't seem to me that Harden or Howard have the types of personalities to accept that from someone of their own age lacking in credentials to hold that position. Plus, isn't it the coaches place to instruct, criticize, and hold accountable the players on the team?

    If lackadaisical attitudes with some of our key players is a problem, I'd rather see Houston add a "sports psychological shrink" to the staff to address such problems. We watched Kobe trying to push Dwight's buttons in LA, and it did not seem to be appreciated in the least. Chemistry on our team is a major asset IMO, and big part of Dwight's decision to join the Rockets.

    I am on pins and needles hoping that no major changes are made to our roster at this point. For the first time this year (I think), we are close to healthy and at full strength. Now, we can see what we have assembled team-wise, and play out our hand. Even a championship is possibly within our reach without further changes. If we make any last minute changes now, we may be just tempting fate to deal us an unnecessary blow.

  • rocketrick says 6 months ago Thanks for the Podcast.

    I think some of the points including the Rockets have a difficult time in feeding the ball to D12 and the Rockets struggle against teams like the Thunder, Clippers and Pacers are based on earlier season struggles common to teams (1) figuring out adding new players to the rotation and (2) high number of injuries earlier in the season.

    The Rockets, in my eyes, continue improving as the season goes on. At some point, the Rockets simply have to settle on key rotation players and let things play out. Team chemistry doesn't improve overnight by trading away a glue guy like Chandler Parsons and adding a Rajon Rondo to the rotation.

    And why would the Celtics have that much interest in TJones when they have 2 really good young bigs in Sullinger and Olynyk?

    Lastly, I was hoping that a much more in depth discussion would take place in terms of how Harden and Rondo would successfully share the ball as it is quite certain that each needs the ball in their hands in order to succeed and to help their team succeed. Simply letting Harden take over in the 4th quarter isn't going to work in tough playoff matchups in my opinion when strong coaches continue making adjustments all the way through the playoff series.