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Rockets Daily – The Sizzling Hot Deal: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2017

The Denver Nuggets are taking calls for Carmelo Anthony, and contrary to many Rockets fans’ projections, Daryl Morey will be on the other end of the phone quite often. The New York Times reports that a new sponsor, which is running an online casino in Europe, has offered the Nuggets a nice deal to promote […]

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Rockets Daily – June 30, 2014

More Draft Stuff – Now that we know who the Houston Rockets have selected in the draft, we can go back and catch up on some of the coverage we may have overlooked heading into the draft.  Most of this content is ESPN Insider material, so I though I would pass on some of the […]

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The Rockets Daily – June 27, 2014

Draft Night – The 2014 NBA Draft finally came and went last night, and the Houston Rockets ended up with three selections total.  The sole first rounder was 20 year old Swiss big man Clint Capela at number 25 overall.  The Rockets also owned the 42nd pick, and selected Arizona’s combo-guard Nick Johnson.  Then Houston […]

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