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Beverley confident he’ll play again this season

Beverley will still see Dr. James Andrews on Monday for an evaluation on his right knee, but he’s very confident that Andrews will feel the same way about his chances of playing again this season.

“No one was going to remove anything,” Beverley said. “We haven’t even discussed surgery yet. It looks to the point I think I might not have to get surgery. We don’t know. We have to see Dr. Andrews on Monday for him to make his educated decision about that.”

“I feel pretty good,” Beverley said. “I feel like I knocked knees with somebody. It hurt a lot the first day. I don’t really feel a lot of pain today, which is a good sign. No swelling. So I’m going to go see the best knee doctor in the country. I spoke to him on the phone. He has seen it. It really looks good. We’ll see how long it lasts. It may be 10 to 14 days, maybe four weeks. He just has to get his hand on it and see how it is.

This could potentially be huge news for the Rockets.  Even if Beverley needs to scale-back his minutes, his presence would save Houston from heading into the playoffs counting on former Ohio-Valley Conference rookie Isaiah Canaan.  Canaan may have a future in the NBA, but he’s not ready for the likes of Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker and all the other elite point guards at the top of the Western Conference.

If anyone can just put a brace on this type of injury and power through it, its Spartak.  Don’t count him out yet.

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