The Daily Blast – January 18, 2013

Hey Now, You’re Official – The starting line-ups for the All-Star game are in. Jeremy Lin is the third-most popular guard in the West.  Everybody thinks James Harden should get in the game.

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Very tough matchup coming up w/Indy-Coach Vogel has them playing incredible D.Their plyrs+execution force bad shots better than any NBA team
 The Daily Blast January 18, 2013
Daryl Morey

Two thoughts on this: first, this is not encouraging to read in the throes of a losing streak. Second, the mystique of Morey is that whenever he says something like this, I get the feeling he has reams of proprietary data on precisely how “bad” these forced shots are, and I wish I could see it.

Stat Check – How much have tired legs affected the Rockets’ offense this year? I limited the data to the team’s top eight shot attempters and found a trend. With 3 or more days of rest, they shoot 48.2% from the field. With 2 days of rest, they stay up at 48.9%. One day of rest shows some slippage: 46%. On the second night of a back-to-back the percentage plummets to 41.3%. So much for youthful energy.

Getting To Know YouPatrick Beverly is settling in.

Game Recognize GameZach Lowe on how great Kevin Durant is on offense. Kobe Bryant on how great Kobe Bryant is on offense.

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