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Searching for Linsanity

When Daryl Morey offered Jeremy Lin a back-loaded 3-years $25 million contract this offseason, the move generated both controversy and excitement amongst Rocket fans. Were the Rockets getting a bargain on a potential star player with international appeal who had taken the league by storm over the span of a few weeks of “Linsanity” or [...]

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How Has Houston’s Offense Fared So Far?

 Through seven games, the Rockets have not had much success on offense. Houston is scoring only 98 points per 100 possessions, putting them at 22nd in the NBA.[1] While this lack of offensive punch may be expected given the dearth of proven scorers on the roster, (Harden is the only Rocket with a career scoring [...]

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Early Season Observations: Beard Edition

The 2012-2013 incarnation of the Houston Rockets has played only three games to date. Given the early stage of the season and the roster turnover since last year, year-on-year team comparisons will be difficult to make. Instead, I’ve decided to take a deeper look at the Rockets’ marquee offseason acquisition to better understand Harden’s offensive [...]

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Patrick Patterson in the post

Today’s game offered a pretty interesting development which we hadn’t seen yet all season – a very healthy dose of Patrick Patterson in the post.  In fact, during stretches in the 4th, this seemed to be the team’s exclusive go-to option.  The decision was rather curious because a) we had never seen the team feature [...]

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Hors D’oeuvres From Houston

For NBA fans all across the country, this summer—a two to three month period that normally sprints forward like a roller coaster’s free fall—has felt really, really long. Not to make matters worse, but if no progress is made at the NBA’s next Board of Governors meeting, reportedly slated for September 15, the immediate months ahead figure [...]

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