[video] James Harden after the Rockets’ win over Utah

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  • thejohnnygold says 3 months ago

    Once Lin develops his left hand opposing defenses are in deep trouble. He was able to go left multiple times last night, but still finished with his right hand at the rim. Using his left to finish and his right arm for space will make him that much better. Further, opponents will have to play him straight up on the perimeter instead of shading him to the right.

  • phaketrash says 3 months ago

    Loved Lin's plays tonight, and really like how he was aggressive. Was a bit disappointed by Parsons' defense a few times throughout the game...even relative to his other games this season. Harden's def wasn't great either, but at least I wouldn't say his defense was regressing throughout the season haha.

    Lin's constant falls/landings do scare me though. I hope he learns how to land better so he doesn't get injured in the future.

  • Red94 says 3 months ago New post: [video] James Harden after the Rockets' win over Utah
  • 2016Champions says 3 months ago

    Lin has been improving alot, he was knocking down shots with confidence and stayedaggressiveall night. D-Mo's defense has been improving, the whole team is making progress slowly but surely.

    Millsap was limping around so it was clear his knee hasn't recovered yet but he still made good things happen every time he touched the ball--flying out the gate with 8 points in the first quarter and finishing with 16 in 25 minutes.

  • Rahat Huq says 3 months ago

    Lin clinched it for the good guys with key plays down the stretch. As I've been saying, this team is at its best when Lin is allowed to attack and not relegated to the role of Rafer Alston. Let's hope Kevin McHale is finally learning.

  • Red94 says 3 months ago New post: Houston Rockets 100, Utah jazz 93 - Hot Starts are Helpful
  • timetodienow1234567 says 3 months ago

    True. Also, Millsap didn't look like a 12-14 mil a year guy tonight.

  • thenit says 3 months ago

    Great job by our backcourt again, Harden & Lin both hit 20+ for the third straight game.

    Decent defence too. Dallas lost, looks like GS will lose against Spurs, good day to be a rocket fan

    after the ugly loss against GS.

  • timetodienow1234567 says 3 months ago

    It sucks. I wanted to watch at least the first hour of the Heat game. Now I wont' be able to watch it.

  • 2016Champions says 3 months ago

    On paper, the matchup appears to be a favorable one for Houston. The Jazz are
    the 27th ranked club in the NBA when defending against pick-and-roll
    ball-handlers according to Synergy Sports – a promising omen given the Rockets’
    standing as the league’s most efficient scoring team in such situations. Utah
    also concedes the highest percentage (44.8%) of made corner threes; a shot
    Houston takes and makes more than any other team in the NBA. Parsons is
    especially dangerous from that position; his 57 made corner threes rank him
    6th in that category and his 51.8 percent conversion rate is
    second-best only to Golden State’s Steph Curry among players who have attempted
    at least 50 shots from that area.

    On the other side of the ball, the Rockets’ frontline certainly figures to
    have its hands full dealing with Utah’s quartet of quality bigs. But it’s worth
    noting that the Jazz offense has fallen apart in recent weeks, posting an
    offensive rating of 100.0 over the team’s last 12 games – a number that would
    place them 24th for the season. On the road, Utah’s results have been
    even worse: the Jazz are scoring an anemic 94.1 points per 100 possessions
    during their last six games away from Salt Lake City and turning the ball over
    on nearly 18 percent of their possessions – a figure that would place them dead
    last in the league by a mile and one which would certainly serve to turbocharge
    the Rockets’ transition game if the same phenomenon manifests itself Wednesday

    -Jason Friedman

  • 2016Champions says 3 months ago

    Al Jeff and Millsap have been playing horribly since their injuries, but Millsap is a tough dude so watch out. He knows Morey is watching and knows Houston is a possible destination next year, expect him to be aggressive right out the gate.

  • timetodienow1234567 says 3 months ago

    I think this game will tell us a lot about if Houston's going to make the playoffs. I know it's one game, but if the Rockets come out lackluster and flat for a game of this magnitude like they've been doing recently, I don't have much hope for the rest of the season.

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