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Rocketscience: Dragic, Budinger, T-Will Evaluations

A lot of people have asked for my opinion on the Rockets’ moves last week.  My answer was that while the moves were good for the team long-term, we have more or less given up on the season.  That sounds dramatic, and I’m sure anyone affiliated with the Rockets would vehemently disagree, but a 10th [...]

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Rocketscience: Various Thoughts Heading into the Trade Deadline

A while ago I wrote about various factors that contribute to winning.   Hoopdata has a condensed version of this approach called the “four factors.”   It looks at eFG%, FTR, TOR, and ORR as the four contributing factors to the effectiveness of a team.  As far as I’m concerned (based off my admittedly less extensive research), [...]

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Rocketscience: Analytics Teams vs. Non-Analytics Teams

The Rockets have fared very well this season against below .500 teams.  They have sported a record of 14-6, to be exact, which is right up there with the top-tier teams in the league.   Instead, our problem this season has been against the good teams, with an unimpressive 10-22 mark.   I also noticed that Portland, [...]

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Rocketscience: Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is having a career year, right?  I mean, he’s averaging career highs so far in points (11.1), assists (6.6), offensive rebounds (1.3), defensive rebounds (2.8), steals (1.8), blocks (.4), 3ptm (1.2), and FGm (3.7) (to name a few).   The casual fan might stop there and conclude that he has finally taken the next [...]

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About Statistics and the NBA

So I’ve been writing for a couple months now, experimenting with a few different angles related to NBA statistics.  If I had to break it down, I would say original research, player evaluation, team evaluation, and interpretive analysis are perhaps the main subcategories.  After watching the old MIT Sports Analytics Conference videos again the other [...]

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