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Which Rockets Players Have the Best Contracts?

Over at Hickory High a few weeks ago, I looked at a little metric I created called value ratio to assess the best and worst contracts in the league. In simple terms, I looked at the ratio of a player’s salary vs. the median salary compared with the ratio of his win shares vs. median [...]

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Houston’s Offense Revisited

In the past eight games, Houston has averaged nearly 118 points per game en route to a 5-3 record. During this stretch, the Rockets won two games of historical import, beating the Jazz by 45 points on their home court (the worst home loss in franchise history) and trouncing the Warriors by the score of [...]

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How is Houston Faring in the Clutch?

So far this season, the Rockets are 4-3 in games decided by five points or less. The fact that Houston has played only seven such games over a 50-game sample points to the great variance and variability in this young team’s performance. A 4-3 record doesn’t suggest that the Rockets are performing particularly poorly or [...]

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Assessing the Rockets’ Playoff Odds

Houston currently owns a 25-22 record and would be the 8th seed in the Western Conference if the playoffs started today. As previous years have shown, the West’s playoff race is often extremely tight, and the Rockets are far from certain to avoid a fourth consecutive trip to the lottery. The Rockets’ chances of making [...]

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The Rockets’ Recent Struggles

On Monday night, the Rockets finally broke out of their losing slump with a six-point win over the lowly Bobcats. Prior to this victory, Houston had lost seven consecutive games and squandered much of the cushion they had built for themselves earlier in the season. What, if anything, was the cause of the Rockets’ recent [...]

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