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Houston Rockets @ Sacramento Kings on 4/3/2013

Form: You wouldn’t know it from looking at their position in the standings and their 27-47, but the Sacramento Kings are quietly having a late-season renaissance. As this Truehoop article points out, they have had the second best offense in the league since the trade-deadline, as the arrival of Patrick Patterson and his floor-spreading ways [...]

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Houston Rockets 109, Charlotte Bobcats 95 – Rockets made to work hard for their win

In a game like this against one of the worst teams in the league, the worst thing you can do is come out slow and complacent. Charlotte is not a team with a big come back in them. By putting up a big 20+ lead early and knocking the belief out of a team used [...]

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Houston’s Quiet Positional Revolution: Part 2 – Moving Forwards

The NBA is changing. Defenses, offenses, guards and forwards all look different than they did just a few years ago. The positional revolution has swept through the league and Rockets are quietly embracing it. Last week we examined their use of the backcourt rotation, and the unique place Toney Douglas fits into it (which has [...]

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A most improved Patrick Patterson

As a young NBA player looking to find your way in the league, it’s common to head into an offseason with a plan to improve a specific area of your game that has already been deemed a strength. Are you a spot up three-point shooter? Work on that. Are you a pretty good perimeter defender? [...]

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Patrick Patterson in the post

Today’s game offered a pretty interesting development which we hadn’t seen yet all season – a very healthy dose of Patrick Patterson in the post.  In fact, during stretches in the 4th, this seemed to be the team’s exclusive go-to option.  The decision was rather curious because a) we had never seen the team feature [...]

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