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Is Houston ready for two All-Stars? Even if one is Jeremy Lin?

James Harden’s ascension up the ranks of NBA buzzdom seems less shocking than preordained after the Beard was sent down south a couple of days before the season began. After spending a couple of years being regarded as the Thunder’s “secret weapon” or “trump card” or a host of other euphemisms for “really amazing player [...]

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Feel for Andrew Bynum, and remember.

Yesterday, like most days in my life, I argued with one of my co-workers, a former D-1 basketball player, about NBA basketball. I had been informing a couple of hoops-ignorant Chinese-born students I was tutoring about the greatness of Yao Ming, comparing him to the various players they had heard of (“Is he better than [...]

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Why the Rockets Should Give the Entire NBA Hope

Because of almost two decades of failed franchise moves, mangled body parts, and semi-self-imposed irrelevance, forgive the Rockets faithful if their reaction to the first week of the 2012-13 season seemed more supernatural phenomena than pleasant surprise. As the folk tales of the new freak talent with the big contract and bigger beard spread throughout [...]

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Kevin McHale might want to play some of those young guys.

I imagine that Carlos Delfino has not often had nights in the NBA go as well as Wednesday night did for him, ribbons of three-pointers falling through the net at the most opportune moments for a fanbase with which he was getting a completely blank slate. And for all of his showmanship in this short [...]

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Now throwing shade at Jeremy Lin: Barack Obama

Jeremy Lin’s summer of 2012, one which should have been a validation of his journey and landed him a contract deserving of one of the NBA’s most recognizable stars, became one of the sports world’s most visible debacles, a seemingly interminable tale of manipulation, betrayal and lots of other things that Shakespeare wrote about. For [...]

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