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The Rockets Daily – November 6, 2013

All You Need To Know – Is in this tweet:

EwwwThe Dream Shake exposes James Harden’s defense against the Clippers the other night with video. You know how sometimes you can love someone without loving everything they do? This is one of those times.

Hardwood PaRocketism – Hardwood Paroxysm has churned out two top-shelf Rox-related articles this week. The first, by Seerat Sohi, examines the philosophy of Hack-a-Dwight.

It’s not a defensive strategy— it’s a defeatist strategy.  In one way, fouling says “we think you’re a bad free throw shooter.” In another, it’s saying “I can’t defend you.” And when Russell Westbrook is hammered for driving the lane with reckless abandonment, it’s a reasonable admission. Even the NBA’s staunchest competitors won’t think twice sending explosive slashers to the line— they are, indeed, impossible to guard. But to foul Dwight Howard as he runs across the half court line is a crippling declaration. It takes guts for a group of NBA players to say, “we don’t even know what you or your team are about to do, but we sure as hell don’t want to find out.”

(Note: as I write this, it’s the middle of the third quarter and Portland is finding out).

The second, by Andrew Lynch, celebrates the beautiful basketball played by the Clippers at Houston’s expense.

The game was a bevy of alley-oops and a bounty of 3-pointers; it was Chris Paul making defenders look silly, regardless of how tightly they stayed with him for 90% of a possession and Dwight Howard taking advantage of foul trouble for DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin to bully his way into the post for monstrous smashes.

Sometimes The Game wins even when your team loses.

Release - Ballerball with some humor on how Chandler may have taken out his frustration after the loss to the Clippers:

Chandler Parsons sent James Harden — who he calls Bear, apparently — an email after their game against the Clippers last night. 

Yo, Bear. I can’t sleep right now. I’m not trying to talk about the game tonight. That will just make me sad and you mad. We’ll bounce back. I have some news, though. I meant to tell you in person, but everybody was so down after the game I thought it best to hold off. Excited to tell you now, though.

I’m going to change my name to Chandler Parsons-Parsons.

And away we go.

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About the author: John Eby got on the Rockets bandwagon in 1994 and never got off. He is a public relations guy and recovering TV journalist living in South Carolina.

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  • myjohnlai says 11 months ago

    James Harden is one of the top shooting guards in the NBA. Unfortunately he's dictating the team with his style of play. He frequently ignore McHale's coaching in order to showcase his one on one skill. Unfortunately his 3 pointers are not always falling. Comparing him to many max contract player, his work ethics left a lot to be desired.

    Take a vote and see how many of us would go to a basketball game and see one-on-one display. Basketball is a game of five players on the court. Since when it is degenerated into solo performance.

    It's pathetic and deplorable to have any team player playing like this. If Miami didn't play team ball, they couldn't have that many years of championship and reached almost a dynasty in NBA.

    What makes you think Harden is the one who could bring championship to Houston. The fact is telling me that he can't possibly in anyway help the Rockets beat the top teams in NBA.

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