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The Rockets in the clutch

Friday night’s affair against the Grizzlies featured a familiar theme with the Rockets sputtering down the stretch.  This season, in the last minute of games within 5 points, the team is shooting 29%, good for 25th in the league.  Conversely, the team shoots 46% overall, good for 10th in the league. It’s obvious that the [...]

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Will the Rockets retain Delfino?

Clutchfans’ David Weiner today released his ‘Houston Rockets Salary Cap Update’, a bi-annual state-of-finances report on the Houston Rockets. Among the interesting nuggets was this: Deciding which player(s) to take in the 2013 NBA Draft will not be the only key decision the Rockets have to make this June. As mentioned above, they have until [...]

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Can the Rockets afford to be picky?

As we climb in, I ask about the Rockets’ future. Harden is a piece of the puzzle, Morey says, but not the endgame. Even after signing Harden to a five-year, $80 million extension, Houston is in position to have ample cap room next summer, enough to sign another foundational player. Morey’s not picky about who [...]

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Goran Dragic vs. Jeremy Lin: Did the Houston Rockets pick the wrong guy?

I feel slightly dirty broaching this topic.  Maybe because I know I’m disguising an assertion as a question.  So I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to go with this – whether this’ll just be slightly touched on here or drawn out into a comprehensive series like last year’s Dragic vs. Lowry.  But what I’m [...]

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How many games will the Houston Rockets win this season?

Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve written a season preview before each campaign.  This is not that.  I don’t know enough about this team to even try and preview it.  So on that point, we’ll wait until a few preseason games are under the team’s belt…or at least until I’m able to actually watch one. [...]

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