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Utah Jazz 102, Houston Rockets 91

I hate Utah. I’m 22 years old, and Stockton’s 3 is my very first clear memory in my life.  While I generally had some interest in basketball throughout my life, I became truly devoted with the Yao-McGrady Rockets – where they repeatedly ran into the one team which frustrated that team that was supposed to [...]

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Memphis Grizzlies 93, Houston Rockets 85

“What do you think is the best publicly available defensive metric?” “None really.” That was one of Daryl Morey’s responses on a Reddit chat that he conducted this September.  (Yes, really.  It’s quite fascinating.)  In interviews he has repeatedly stressed the importance of defense and stated that to make the Conference Finals, much less the [...]

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Recap: Portland Blazers 105, Houston Rockets 95

Last night, I observed that the game against Atlanta was one we should have lost.  Tonight, this was a game we should have won.  However, the Rockets came undone less to the mistakes of youth and instead more to sheer fatigue. If there had been anything to worry about James Harden’s performance for the last [...]

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Recap: Houston Rockets 109, Atlanta Hawks 102

In a way, this is a game we should have lost. The Houston Rockets are a young team.  Young teams commit mistakes.  Teams that suffer a high roster turnover, that need to adjust to the habits of idiosyncrasies of one another, commit mistakes.  And in basketball, a sport where maybe 5 possessions out of 100 [...]

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