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Houston Rockets 110, Toronto Raptors 104: This game is, and has always been, about buckets

In the aftermath of the earlier horrifying 2 game losing streak, there have been discussions on everything from short rotations to the usage of power forwards to Lin’s role in the rotation to the Twin Towers lineup to silly Twitter spats on who supposedly said what about some teammate.  But I believe that there is [...]

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Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston Rockets on 11/9/2013 at 7:00 CST

With the general reaction to the disappointing defeat on Thursday, one must always put things in perspective and remind himself that it was one game.  One game with disappointing effort and a huge amount of problems, but one game nevertheless.  Houston will attempt to regroup from the loss against one Los Angeles team by facing [...]

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Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz: Rebounds, turnovers, and the difference between two halves.

Two games is obviously not enough time to fully assess a team, but there have been similarities with the Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz for their first two.  Both have been high-turnover, high-rebounding teams with a large emphasis on having two legitimate big men.  If the Rockets were to win in Utah on the [...]

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Dallas Mavericks @ Houston Rockets on November 1, 2013

When one looks back at Houston’s long chase for a superstar, from Bosh to Melo to the Pau/Nene “basketball reasons” trade, one should also note that Dallas has been undergoing the same chase to put a superstar next to Dirk for nearly as long.  It pursued Lebron James back during the infamous 2010 free agency [...]

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Houston Rockets 109, San Antonio Spurs 92: The Twin Towers can work.

In the aftermath of the past game against Dallas, there were worries about how well the Asik-Howard lineup would work given that the results were not exactly the best.  That, however, was arguably the worst case scenario, as Asik was still recovering from his calf injury and the presence of Dirk Nowitzki means that Dallas [...]

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