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Emergency Red94 Roundtable: What is going on?

After Sunday’s debacle against Miami, the Red94 crew got together to discuss what was wrong with the Houston Rockets. And as Rahat observed, even yesterday’s victory against Oklahoma City does not just make those problems go away. Here are our thoughts: McGuire: Allow me to begin this commiserating session by pointing out two things.

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Red94 Clippers Rockets Roundtable

Walker: Getting to the second round is good, but going all the way is better. What’s the single biggest factor going against Houston making the finals? McGuire: I can’t decide between lack of depth or lack of shooting. Josh Smith is just a coin flip. When Smith is good, like he was against Dallas, he’s […]

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Red94 Playoff Preview Roundtable

McGuire: The Houston Rockets saw a lot of Hack-a-whoever in the last few weeks of the regular season, and there is no doubt Rick Carlisle will use a ton of it against the Rockets. How concerned are you about this, and are you starting to believe that the rules need to be changed to deal […]

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