The Rockets Daily – July 1, 2013

Getting To Know You – Dwight “The Dwachelor” Howard has begun courting his free-agency options. But before he could even slip in the hot-tub with the hot number from Houston, his sneaky ex cornered him in an alcove.

And as Dave McMenamin and Ramona Shelburne report, all the Dwachelor is looking for in a relationship is a ring.

Never Even Knew YouESPN reports that Thomas Robinson has been traded to Portland for cap space to sign Dwight Howard “two future second-round picks and the rights to European players Kostas Papanikolaou and Marko Todorovic.” has grades on the trade:

This trade’s final assessment will hinge on Houston’s ability to land Howard or another star-caliber player with their available space and on Papanikolaou’s ability to turn his potential into reality in the NBA. No matter how it plays out, though, it’s a good example of how to squeeze value out of every possible situation. With Robinson trade rumors swirling for weeks, everyone in the NBA world knew Morey had to dump his contract, and yet the final move still produced four assets.

Come And Get ItCBS reports that Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik are now on the trade block. The thinking is that the Rockets are trying to land a third All-Star to go with Harden and Howard. Lin’s availability comes with an interesting caveat:

Rival teams say the Rockets are making Lin available, as well, though they’d have to get a starting point guard in return.

Hard to say what team would take Lin in exchange for their starting point guard, seeing as he would be a backup on many teams already.

New Kid – ICYMI, the Rockets actually added a guy whose name doesn’t rhyme with “Night Powered.” His name is Isaiah Canaan, and the team’s official site is really jazzed up about him:

Here’s more of Clibanoff’s analysis of Canaan from the pre-draft profile he put together on the Murray State product:

Not just a good shooter, but he is rather the guy to whom expressions like the following apply: “is in range when he steps in the gym”, “shoots the $%^& out of it”, “the guy you want to shoot the bomb in crunch time”…Is adept with catch-and-shoot balls, but also gets it going in a hurry when he is in rhythm (sometimes takes a number of shots to start feeling it) as he can compose his body easily…Good penetrator who will rarely be denied when he puts his mind to it…Gets into the heart of defenses with power and presence and he absorbs contact very well (but knows his limitations)…Uses his strong body well when checking opposing guards but isn’t a high-level defender.

It can’t hurt to have another Irrational Confidence Guy off the bench in case Patrick Beverly ever gets Russell Westbrooked.

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