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Red94 Clippers Rockets Roundtable

Walker: Getting to the second round is good, but going all the way is better. What’s the single biggest factor going against Houston making the finals? McGuire: I can’t decide between lack of depth or lack of shooting. Josh Smith is just a coin flip. When Smith is good, like he was against Dallas, he’s […]

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Would you rather…

  …have the only actual, functioning lightsaber or your very own dragon to ride? Wait, wait, wait.  Thats not what I meant. Basketball.  Spurs, Clippers. Game 7. Saturday night.  Staples Arena, Los Angeles, CA. Lob City and the last(?) ride of Tim Duncan and his Immortals. All for the chance to play our Houston Rockets in the second […]

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Q&A with Tim Cato of Mavs Moneyball

Ahead of Game 5 and another chance for the Rockets to close out the Dallas Mavericks, we caught up with Tim Cato of MF – Rockets fans adored Chandler Parsons. Half still do, while half blame him for leaving even though thats pretty much Daryl Morey’s fault for underestimating the troll inside of Mark […]

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