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New Orleans Pelicans 101, Houston Rockets 108: The Disappointment Bowl – Brought to you by the Western Conference

ESPN’s Summer Forecast series is one of the more accurate NBA preseason predictors out there, but it’s been miles off on the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans so far in the young season.  Where Houston was predicted to be the 3-seed at 56-26, the Pelicans were supposed to go 47-35, good for the 7-seed. The two […]

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Portland Trail Blazers 103, Houston Rockets 108: Wild finish after an up & down day

On a day that began with news that Kevin McHale had been fired, there was no telling how the Rockets would respond against the Blazers after a string of disappointing outcomes. Turns out, not very well at all. At least in the first half.

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Brooklyn Nets 106, Houston Rockets 98: Because of course they did

Ten players registered minutes for the Brooklyn Nets last night, and all but three of those players (Jarrett Jack, Shane Larkin and Wayne Ellington) are 6’7 or taller.  For all the knocks on Brooklyn (plodding pace, lack of offensive creativity, poor defense), they do tall very well.  And it was that height that beat the Houston […]

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