Dwight Howard Free Agency Watch: The Final Chapter in Story Form

First, I want to apologize.  As has been the case during the most critical of moments, Red94 has been down throughout the day.

Secondly, if you’re reading this, and just heard of the news on your own, without actually following it live on Twitter….well then, I envy you.  I cannot even begin to articulate how bizarre and draining the past few hours have been.

If you’re just now dropping in, first read my previous installment on the earlier part of this afternoon when things first hit the fan after the Warriors managed to sign Andre Iguodala.

Look at what then transpired, with my corresponding thoughts:

The Final Chapter of Dwightmare

At one point in there, Wojnarowski, indisputably the most credible reporter right now in the business, had tweeted that the Iguodala signing had taken the Warriors out of the running, leaving only the Rockets in the Howard sweepstakes.  He shortly recanted, leaving my blood pressure at untenable levels.

Just an absolute rollercoaster from Sam Amick first breaking the news, to others confirming, to Wojnarowski then disputing the prior reports, to then even Daryl Morey himself tweeting that he had not been given a final indication.  Finally, ESPN reported, via Chris Broussard, that the Lakers had been notified that Howard would not return.  Absolutely exhausting to experience, live.

As I type, the Rockets have now just traded Royce White to Philadelphia and are currently exploring deals for center Omer Asik as they construct their new team.  I’ll have more thoughts on the significance of the Howard acquisition in the coming hours.


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