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Howard, PR, Paul…

First, I want to apologize.  My finals begin next week, thus the lack of activity on the front page.  Having said that, we’ve had some riveting discussion in the forums, much of it pertaining to Dwight Howard.  Join us. I started a post last night with the intent of dissecting the ‘Scola at the 5’ [...]

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Houston Rockets 99, Golden State Warriors 96

The Rockets won, improving their playoff odds to higher than the 2.3% it stood at this afternoon.  We’ll need to keep an eye on the development with Phoenix and Utah, but for tonight, in my eyes, the big story was the benching of Kyle Lowry. The team’s former MVP did not see a single minute [...]

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Breaking down Houston’s collapse

Dry salt lies fresh in Houston’s open wound, and what I’d like to do right now— place the NBA’s postseason on its rightful pedestal—could sting a bit. The playoffs are an accomplishment and should be treated as such. This is about advancing to a second season, solidifying yourself among the league’s top half, and guaranteeing a chance at winning a [...]

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It is Friday, and these are notes: April 20th, 2012

Quick programming notice for those who’ve seen the “Notes on a String”: I’m going to be shifting this column’s nature over to that of an all-purpose notebook column, more like the “Rockets Daily” column of olden times. Now that you’ve been reprogrammed, read up. In a sweet bit of formality amidst a year full of [...]

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Chase Budinger is an elite shooter

Chase Budinger doesn’t “look” like one of the most athletic players in the NBA, but he is.  In the open court he flies at the basket as if the court were made of trampoline (if that’s an actual material); it’d be difficult to name 10 guys who’re more capable of catching out of reach lobs [...]

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