Daryl Morey: Machado leading league in two categories

via Daryl Morey’s twitter (@DMorey):

More preseason info: @ScottMachado is leading all players in NBA preseason in assists per teammate FGM & assists per touch

We’ve known for some time that the Rockets track their own proprietary metrics in various nonconventional categories.  (For instance, if memory serves, they ranked Tracy McGrady at tops in the league in hockey assists, a stat which perfectly correlated with the ‘eye test.’)

The above was of particular interest due to my own observations on Machado.  On October 14th, in recapping the match against the Spurs, I wrote:

I thought Scott Machado looked tremendous running the second unit.  At one point I counted consecutive direct basket assists from him in the second half.  I think you’ll probably see him as the backup at shooting guard.  Keep in mind, though, I haven’t seen Livingston at point yet.

I’ve only watched two games this preseason.  (I’m not switching providers nor will I be pestering my existent provider.)  Machado played in one; Douglas the other.  From what I saw, Machado was far more impressive.  My understanding, however, is that Douglas will man the backup spot.

Machado has this uncanny knack for finding, not just the open man, but the open man in scoring position.  It’s a rare talent.

If it were up to me, I would be playing Machado, along with White, along with anyone else under 23 who has a chance to help this team when it once again matters.  But it’s not up to me.


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  • Rahat Huq says 7 months ago

    Stephen, on 23 October 2012 - 05:03 AM said:

    BTW,I tried twice to make comments on the "front page" and they vanished.

    Thanks. What exactly happened? Can you put it in the thread dedicated to the plugin so the support team can see?
  • Stephen says 7 months ago From Bill Ingram chat(yeah,I know):
    "I was talking with Jonathan Feigen recently, playing the “who gets cut” game. We thought Smith, Johnson and Machado should probably stay packed."

    Makes sense as they are the ones w/easiest contracts to get rid of,and least likely to gather much in mid-season trade.
    Personally I believe Brockman is cut and one of the 3 stays.

    BTW,I tried twice to make comments on the "front page" and they vanished.
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