The Daily Blast – March 14, 2013

Triple Play – Not only did Houston take care of business against Phoenix, but the Lakers and Jazz lost last night. This is also known as the Clutch City Playoff Chances Triple Crown.

The Kankle – Barring something happening to Harden or Asik (knock on wood), there could not be a single injury in the league with more profound implications for the Rockets playoff hopes than the news that Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely with an ankle sprain. Whenever Kobe gets injured, I hold my breath for the inevitable “Mamba Shakes Off Pain, Scores 40″ headline two days later, but it seems like this one is for real.

However, I would temper any additional optimism for the Rockets’ playoff picture with the reality that the Lakers now have Steve Nash running their offense and still have Dwight Howard running their defense.

Big Brother – Thomas Robinson sat down with Truehoop TV yesterday to talk about the trade to Houston and his continuing efforts to gain custody of his little sister.

Robinson comes off as very uncomfortable but good-natured. He’s clearly caught off guard by Henry Abbott’s question about advanced stats (he thinks Abbott is talking about stats that predict the future), which is a little embarrassing. But on the other hand, he seems like the kind of guy who is going to take his coaches’ direction without needing a spreadsheet to prove that their advice is sound, which is a good sign for a rookie still learning the NBA game.

Manga-tizedBallinEurope reveals that Parsons, Lin and Harden have been turned into characters in a Japanese manga comic. There’s no translation yet, but let me breakdown the story for you based on the pictures:

Title Frame – James Harden ponders how to get a girlfriend.

Frame 1 – Harden: “Chandler! Jeremy! Wait up! I need you to show me how to attract the ladies!”

Frame 2 – Parsons: “Oh yeah, bro. I can show you how it’s done.”

Frame 3 – Parsons and Lin chat up the only two women in the club as Harden smolders.

Frame 4 – Parsons strolls off with both ladies as Harden bemoans his own lack of swag. Finis.

I get the impression that glorious beards don’t carry the same cultural currency in Asia as they do in the U.S.

Tweet That- Jeremy Lin is a carnivore.

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