The Rockets Daily – October 28, 2013

Phew – After a scare during the Memphis game in which James Harden knocked knees with Quincy Pondexter and dropped to the floor like a shotgunned deer, he was back in practice on Sunday. About the injury he explained:

It was a sting in the beginning when I first hurt it, but I iced it and got treatment on it, and it’s good.

Make It SoMatt Moore of CBS Sports explains (with video) how one play from the Houston-Memphis game is a microcosm of how the Dwight Howard-Omer Asik pairing should work on defense. In short, by the time post players get around Asik, Dwight will be there to send their shots back at them.

End of the Line – Per the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen, it looks like Marcus Camby is on the way out, at least for now.

I had high hopes that Camby (born 1974) would be able to anchor the defense for ten minutes per night in the event that Asik was traded, but Father Time has claimed another victim.

The Question – Jonathan Feigen posted a somewhat open-ended column listing the top ten inside-out teammates of all time. It doesn’t break down each combo in direct comparison to Houston’s duo, but it creates an interesting jumping off point for discussion: are Howard and Harden on that level? Right now it’s hard to say “yes,” simply because Howard and Harden haven’t won a single regular-season game together. All of the teammates on the list have the benefit of championship rings and hindsight, but Harden and Howard have the talent. Winning will determine whether they join the ranks of Russell-Cousy, or whether they will be remembered alongside Payton-Kemp, McGrady-Yao, and questions about what could have been.

Shameless Self-Promotion – Each week I’ll be writing “DwightLife,” a column chronicling Dwight’s first season as a Rocket. The first installment was on Sunday, examining words that Superman said on draft day that still haunt his career. I hope you enjoy it.

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Total comments: 7
  • 2016Champions says 4 months ago

    Reggie and Camby both cut.

  • Buckko says 4 months ago Yes but then the best option is to keep asik. Also if Camby was healthy, my bet would have been Covington gets cut.
  • vonsteve says 4 months ago

    Is it possible if they trade Asik part of the deal would be throwing in a big in return?

  • rocketrick says 4 months ago

    I hope Greg smith learns how to use that size for defense soon.

    Agreed. It's easy to forget that this is Greg Smith's third season with the Rockets. The first season there really were no big men unless one considers Dalembert a productive big man. Last season Asik joined the Rockets and I believe that is when Greg Smith's clock in regards to how long he remained a Rocket began ticking unless he stepped up and made improvements in other aspects of his game. Now with D12 joining the Rockets in Smith's 3rd season, and with Asik a much more valuable big man backup, it is even becoming more vital that Greg Smith expand his game. If it weren't for Camby's sorrowful foot injury, I believe Greg Smith probably would have missed the cut this season. Let's hope he sees this as a final chance for redemption and he is able to be a very effective player coming off the bench, when he even gets any playing time.

  • Buckko says 4 months ago It's just an accident waiting to happen, he's 40 and had been getting injured by less, what else to be expected to happen. I hope Greg smith learns how to use that size for defense soon.
  • feelingsupersonic says 4 months ago Nah, if he had been healthy Camby in stretches could have impacted the game and helped lead the second unit. It wasn't in the cards but I agree Jeby, I would have really like to have seen him play a role on this team.
  • Buckko says 4 months ago Expecting Camby to anchor a defense for 10 mins a night is a disaster waiting to happen though.