The Daily Blast – January 17, 2013

The Gathering –’s Rob Mahoney explains how James Harden punks defenders just by how he picks up his dribble.

Fashionista – The 2013 All-Star game uniforms have been revealed, and the design includes a nod to Houston’s “rich aeronautical history.”  The Basketball Jones has a review and more pictures for your jersey-ogling pleasure.

The Decision Distraction - ESPN has had extensive coverage of the Royce White saga. TrueHoop TV breaks down the situation, with some interesting thoughts on how White would be received in the locker room if he ever rejoins the team. If you have ESPN Insider, a scout questions whether White has the talent to make him worth the trouble. Also, an Outside The Lines segment on mental health is on the way. One of White’s provocative quotes from the clip: “I’m only high maintenance because you’re uneducated.”

Tweet that – The Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen has the tweet of the night.

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Stat Check – The Rockets are shooting 66.8% from the line in January. That would put them last in the league if stretched out over the entire season. They are 74.9% for the season. They are 5th in the league in FTA per game at 25.5. In other words, sub-par freebie shooting has cost Houston about 2 points per game this month.

Take Two – My link yesterday to this story about Daryl Morey comparing himself to Macklemore was faulty. Don’t want you to miss it. The picture alone makes it a must-read.

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