Red94 year one in the books

It was in October of 2009 that I created Red94, born through a fortuitous whim.  In December, I was welcomed into the TrueHoop family.

For seven months, you’ve welcomed me into your homes, offices, and classrooms, every morning and night to share my thoughts and opinions on the team we know and love.

Strange was this season, with hopes lost before it began.  I changed course, taking a long-term approach, omitting the game-to-game concerns of a normal season, perhaps to the sacrifice of total readership.

As the Truehoop blogger for a team whose management is unique in its ways, I could not neglect inquiry into those matters.  Yet I realize that for you, the reader, the foremost desire is to be entertained.  What I came to learn was that my greatest challenge was in striking that balance between my own curiosity and your needs and wants. To that end, I hope I have succeeded.  If not, I can only hope that you will bear patience and trust that I improve.

Much thanks to Durvasa who, aside from composing Rockets analysis never before published, challenged me to think about basketball (and by extension, life) in ways I had never considered.  I learned of how little I know about a subject I so greatly love – few discoveries are more invigorating.

With free agency behind us, we close one season to usher in the next, entering a new era with renewed hopes of success.  All year, through common cause we sought comfort, confused together by McGrady’s exile, then awe-struck by the miracle deadline deal.  We grew an apathy as our season waned, then later dreamt of Bosh before our present moment.

Of what now lies ahead we are unknowing except that together it will be endured.  You, the reader, are the life-blood of this page, the source of its fertility.  It is off of your emotions I feed, and from your insight I draw, not in bringing answers, but in writing down a story taking place before our eyes.

For your continued help and support, I thank you, and I hope you will continue to read.

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