The Red94 Podcast: Episode 30

In today’s episode, I discussed the implications of Patrick Beverley’s return, trade scenarios involving Jeremy Lin, and the play of the sophomore forwards.

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  • shuga says 2 months ago

    I believe the Asik injury is real, and not just because I love him so much. At this point in his career, I don't think it would be wise for him to play through the injury either. You don't want to become a chronically injured player and then derail your whole career. It's the smart move and I hope we have a healthy Asik soon.

    We have a loaded bench and come playoff time, I think we can go on a deep run, and next year, maybe go on a Championship run (i don't think we need to make any more trades)

  • thejohnnygold says 2 months ago

    I just don't see Atlanta giving up Millsap except for a ridiculous offer. What is more likely is they bring in a guy in free agency like Spencer Hawes (an ideal stretch 5 to play alongside Horford and Millsap) or perhaps they try to ship out Teague and bring in a guy like Kyle Lowry. Nick Young will be an option to sign since he won't want to play behind Kobe--paired with Korver he would give them a ridiculous inside out game.

    I just don't see Millsap happening and, all things considered, I'd rather move forward with Terrence Jones.

  • Buckko says 2 months ago

    Casspi is only effective because he plays the 4. That's what everyone says about the revival of his career in houston as a bench stretch 4. Put him at the 3 and he'll be too slow.

  • since86rocketsfan says 2 months ago

    Yes Brooks was pretty bad in last year playoffs, but remember he was not getting any minutes. He was rotting on the bench, and only got in because Lin got hurt, Brooks was clearly rusty. If he continued to play bad this year I would be concerned, but that has not been the case. Bynum, and now Wade are close to the point where Brandon Roy was at. The point to where there knees will never heal, and now its about how much pain can they play with. That is why you saw Bynum play well with the Cavs in spurts. You also see Wade play one game, and then sit out several games. Roy got to the point where he was playing with no cartilage in his knee, meaning basically bone on bone. Oden has had five major surgeries, Asik is no way close to them.

    And Asik has clearly stated he wants out, so when he is healthy he is out of here. Maybe if we do get a Milsap, Casspi may be able to play some at the three off the bench. Moving Garcia down to backup up Harden at the two. This is why I did not want to cut Reggie Williams, his contract was cheap and I felt he could make Lin expendable, if he played well enough.

  • Buckko says 2 months ago I know a bunch of incoherent thoughts, but I just wanted to list my opinions on all the ideas discussed.
  • Buckko says 2 months ago Brooks is a terrible defender even though I love him. Without someone like Lin running the second unit, our bench goes back to crap. Just trade a 2nd rounder or two to get Brandon rush or tucker or wait to the offseason to sign them. Rondo would kill our offense because he simply cannot shoot and spread the floor. Let asik get healthy and form the greatest bench mob comparable with the foreign legion in Lin, asik, rush/tucker, casspi, smith, demo, and brooks. Now that's championship depth. Don't be surprised when asik gets back that our defense spikes and wins start popping off much easier. Not to mention with all the spurs injuries, clippers peaking, and blazers bound to hit the injury bug with them relying on their starters so much, besides OKC the west is still ripe for the taking.
  • smeggysmeg says 2 months ago

    Brooks can't play meaningful playoff minutes without really hurting the teams chances to win.

    this point cannot be lost go back and watch last years playoffs... Brooks was dreadful

    maybe we see the threes and the off-balance drive miraculously go in and forget all the crap he does, the ball doesn't move, he turns it over, his penetration doesn't help the team, his D is terrible... the margin between his good play and destructive play is just so large (just like Garcia)

    so he is cheap.... there's a reason for that..... I want him nowhere near our playoff rotation

    and Rahat thanks so much for the Pod, great stuff as usual, love your rambling, anyway we can help make em happen..... first time caller, long time listener :)

    ps found my call to Rudy from the 90s on the computer the other day

  • timetodienow1234567 says 2 months ago I think Asik is injured and is deciding not to play on it until it's 100%. He's doing the right thing if that's the case. I also think he could play through it if he wanted to and risk further injury but there's no reason to play unless he's 100%. He has the obligation to play when healthy but I don't expect him to fight through the pain when it's clear the team gave up on him(however justified the decision was). It's different if you have a secure situation and the teams counting on you but that's not this situation.

    Of course this is all speculation/opinion.
  • thejohnnygold says 2 months ago

    Read first johnny, where did I say we trade Jones. I gave him praise, Milsap will be the backup. LinBrooks is a better shooter, better finisher. Both turn it over a lot, both have average defense, and both are quick, Lin alittle quicker. And please tell me how you can compare Asik who does not have a history of getting hurt, and compare him with Oden who has stayed hurt his whole career, and even Bynum who has now had issues for years. Asik needs to get healthy but teams will want him.

    My mistake--I assumed Millsap would be in the starting line up because....well, because he is Paul Millsap. Millsap coming here and backing up Jones makes much more sense.

    I compared Asik to Oden/Bynum because they all have knee issues. Makes sense to me.

    BTW, since we're being fussy about reading first you should note that I never said we should trade Jones nor did I say you did. I said replace--as in replace in the line up.

  • since86rocketsfan says 2 months ago

    Read first johnny, where did I say we trade Jones. I gave him praise, Milsap will be the backup. LinBrooks is a better shooter, better finisher. Both turn it over a lot, both have average defense, and both are quick, Lin alittle quicker. And please tell me how you can compare Asik who does not have a history of getting hurt, and compare him with Oden who has stayed hurt his whole career, and even Bynum who has now had issues for years. Asik needs to get healthy but teams will want him.

  • rockets best fan says 2 months ago


    even the most optimistic view of the Asik's situation would leave doubt. his message from the moment we signed D-12 has been clear......I don't want to be here anymore. the Rockets have tried to win him over, but he's having none of it. this target date of the end of the month will not be the first time he has missed a return date if he misses it. remember we are talking about a player who miss NO games last year and has had a pretty healthy career. injuries can happen to any player, but I just can't wrap my mind around a thigh bruise causing so much trouble. after removing my Rocket glasses and looking at it objectively something stinks. T-Jones has a thigh contusion now, but I don't think he will be out for 2 months. Asik is full of SH^T :lol:he is forcing his way out. this injury story in only a way for the Rockets to keep media storm from erupting. when is the last time you seen Asik travel with the team. from the time of his injury to now I haven't seen him on the bench but a handful of times. don't injured players sit on the end of the bench? everybody else has been there through their injuries. however the Rockets don't want him sitting there with that long face feeding a media frenzy. we already seen how that plays out awhile back. he is being kept away from the team because of his negativity. I believe the Rockets are still trying to salvage him, but their patience is running out. he will either conform or be discarded. the Rockets have deals they can move him in, but would much rather have him. they don't want to wholesale him. the logic for us is he comes back shows he can still play thereby increasing his trade value enabling him to get his wish with a trade seems sound to us, but Asik may not see it that way. he reminds me of the kid who wants to take his ball and go home just because he didn't get picked for the team.


    I saw that same picture and it's been closer to a month than 2 weeks. beside I suspect it was taken long before it's release

  • thenit says 2 months ago

    Asik injury is real, I forgot where I saw the pic, but it wasa couple of weeks ago when they had to drain his knee and it was real swollen. So I just believe its been lingering and like cases with big men and their knees they can just give up on you due to carrying around that weight.

  • Cooper says 2 months ago Brooks can't play meaningful playoff minutes without really hurting the teams chances to win. If Lin is being traded some sort of pg should be coming back. Hang on to jones unless it's in a package where a sure fire star is coming back. Even if Howard is making jones so good we have Howard so that doesn't seen like a big deal and while jones isn't a star he's on a team friendly contract and has a high ceiling. Asik is either seriously hurt or has quit on the team which is bad either way
  • thejohnnygold says 2 months ago

    @ RBF--I know. I don't want to believe that, but it is difficult not to. Still, I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Recently, Parsons answered a bunch of questions from fans and this was one of them:

    Q: I'd like to know how the Asik trade scenario is impacting locker room chemistry, if at all.

    A: Waiting on Omer to get healthy, he can really help us out. I am not the GM so dont know about any trades. [sic>

    While I know Parsons is a smart guy and wouldn't say different for PR reasons I am starting to believe the injury is legit. Morey and Asik have to realize that teams are going to be less inclined to trade their goods for a center with a mystery injury--and even if Morey says he's healthy they are going to want to see it. Bynum and Oden are just two recent examples of bigs that went from studs to nothing with bad knees. The best way to achieve their goals is to get Asik on the floor doing his thing.

    At first, I did think it was just to make sure he didn't get hurt while they hammered out a trade--but for this long I think it is something else. Either way, we'll find out eventually--I hope I'm right and he can get healthy and back to helping this team win.

  • rockets best fan says 2 months ago


    you believe Asik is injured? ...................ok Asik went out almost a month and a half ago with a thigh contusion that suddenly started moving around. it went from his thigh to his knee to his feelings :lol: :lol:however in that time we have discussed trading him. do you believe other teams would be interested in and injured center. I can see it now..... when we trade him he will recover overnight from an injury we couldn't heal him from in almost two months :lol:P-Beverly had a broken bone in his hand and it healed quicker than that show stopping thigh contusion. your entitled to your own opinion, but I'm not buying it

  • thejohnnygold says 2 months ago

    So Brooks is better than Lin, Rondo plays better off the ball than Lin, we should replace Jones with Millsap, and since Asik is injured he is not worth his contract, but Morey should move him somehow because teams are clamoring for injured, demanding centers who can't catch or shoot and are due $15M in cash next season?

  • since86rocketsfan says 2 months ago

    I totally agree with moving Lin. Morey brought back AB, and drafted a point guard with this in mind. I believe he tried to move Lin in the offseason, but with how inconsistent he played last year, his stock was low and teams were not interested. I felt when we signed him that he was not worth 8 mill, and his play did not prove me wrong. This year he has really improved, but as a reserve, and that is a big but. Beverly's injury, ended up freeing up time for AB to prove that he still has it. I would not trade for Rondo though, because he needs the ball in his hands, and so does Harden. Even though Rondo is better at playing without the ball then Lin, I believe a physical power forward would be a good pick, like a Milsap. T Jones is great, but his low post game is his weakest part of his game. I think he should work with Hakeem too, he is quick, and if he can get some kind of low post game, and stay consistent, he will be a star. Now with Asik not playing, he is not worth his contract, we must move him.

  • rockets best fan says 2 months ago

    WHAT no M.K. Bower? well I guess I have to argue the points for him :lol:first I disagree that T-Jones is only prospering because of Howard. we started to see some of what he was capable of last year at the end of the season. while I will agree Howard may have accelerated his growth, he is still taking advantage of feeding off Howard and that bodes well for his future playing next to him. I know the jumper needs work, but I think it's a little to early to forecast his inability to improve in that area. I agree with you I expect the Rockets to bring in a veteran big man for playoff purposes. simply because you need someone who isn't going to wowed by the moment.

    as for D-Mo.........I have come to believe he should get some spot minutes to see if it can accelerate his development. however I am not as impressed by him as you.I agreepart of his problem is lack of concentration, but lack of effort is also a problem. there was a time I believed his ceiling was higher than that of T-Jones. I no longer believe that. D-Mo will not be an elite rebounder and does not rebound well in traffic. he is prone more to tipping the ball out than fighting to grab a contested rebound. part of this is he has a weak lower body and is unable to fight for prime rebounding position. maturation of his body will help that some, but he won't become elite at it. as for the form on his shot........I like it, but form doesn't score buckets. many players have prospered in the league with less than perfect form and many have never reached perceived potential even though they have textbook form. his form may be a thing of beauty, but the result has been disappointing at best. I still believe he is worth continuing to develop at this point, but I am not nearly as high on his potential as I use to be. he is all flash and no substance. he talks a good game, but his concentration and effort say he wants the keys to the car without having learned how to drive it first.

    as for J-Lin......TRADE HIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN would be my point of view :lol:I know that might upset some Lin fans, but IMO his best way to help this team is to be traded for what we really need (a 3 and D guy to get minutes off Harden and Parsons) he does have value as a sixth man, but we need an upgrade there. we aren't going to get much for him, but if he can be packaged along with Asik just freeing up cap room would have to viewed IMO as a positive. it's simple...........he makes to much for the production he brings to the table.......cheaper options can be found. Yes he's a good guy, but his game doesn't fit here. it would be better for both him and the Rockets to part ways. he needs to go somewhere he can continue to develop his style and the Rockets need to move on.

    as for Rondo.......I too was against this in the beginning, but have started to like the possibilities. I think the whole ( him and Harden won't work) thing is overblown. two things I think Rondo will add to this team that have been missing........attitude and post production. Beverly is the only player we have that plays like he has a chip on his shoulder. we need someone who is going to call out the slackers. someone who is going to be pissed when we loose to Utah. Rondo is that attitude adjustment we lack. as for post production this is where he will help us the most. he not only can feed Howard in the post properly, but is very good at watching our cutters forbackdoor cutsto the basket. Rondo would probably lead the league in assist with this team. also as a side benefit he would be someone who would throw a fit if Harden started playing hero ball

    good to see you start up the podcast again. looking forward to the next installment. :)