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Hors D’oeuvres From Houston

For NBA fans all across the country, this summer—a two to three month period that normally sprints forward like a roller coaster’s free fall—has felt really, really long. Not to make matters worse, but if no progress is made at the NBA’s next Board of Governors meeting, reportedly slated for September 15, the immediate months ahead figure [...]

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A note on yesterday’s published works

Yesterday’s piece, ‘Imagining Hakeem Olajuwon on Houston’s Sideline’, was written by Michael Pina.  My own name was mistakenly put in the byline during the editing process.  Our apologies for the confusion.

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Imagining Hakeem Olajuwon on Houston’s Sideline

When asked if he’d be willing to teach his one and only friend the finer arts in constructing a believable lie, a proud George Costanza quickly dismissed the request: “Jerry, I can’t. It’s like saying to Pavorotti, ‘Teach me to sing like you.’” Just because someone instructs a lesson to another person, it doesn’t necessarily mean [...]

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Chasing the Dragon

When I was younger, like most inarticulate, baby-faced sports aficionados, there seemed no limit to the number of downright awful basketball players that made up the majority of NBA rosters. Yeah, I knew about the Charles Barkleys and Gary Paytons and even Jeff Hornaceks, but for every one of those stars, 15 Chucky Browns proliferated [...]

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Kyle Lowry Should Scare You

The point at which an NBA player becomes the best of his team should be a watershed moment, a glorious juncture when potential finally meets production, when all of those scouts can finally stop holding their collective breaths and start to unabashedly gloat. At the same time, being the default best player on an NBA [...]

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