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Houston Rockets reach deal with Kevin McHale to be new coach

via Houston Rockets reach deal with Kevin McHale to be new coach, report says – ESPN: The Houston Rockets have reached agreement on a contract for Kevin McHale to become their new coach, Yahoo! Sports is reporting. I’m personally excited.  This could be a complete and utter disaster or it could also be a homerun.  And [...]

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Hipsters have no love for the Rockets.

As the Oklahoma City Thunder exit the main stage of the playoffs and go on to a summer that I’m sure will be stuffed to the brim with Call of Duty and Capri-Sun, the young outfit from the Midwest likely takes the last shred of indie credibility that this tournament had left. Yes, for the [...]

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I’ve seen this tale before

While watching the Oklahoma City Thunder crumble down the stretch in tonight’s game, completely unable to execute anything resembling a basic offensive set, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I’ve seen this tale before and it didn’t end well.” Like Russell Westbrook, Steve Francis in his time was the most scintillating point guard prospect [...]

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Can a mean streak be developed?

From the Ninetyfourums, this was an exchange I found fascinating.  A reader, chicos, wrote: McHale has the reputation of developing bigs. But I don’t think Thabeet is mean (or crazy) enough to be a real contributor to any team. In this league people talk about toughness, which is just code for borderline cheap tricks and [...]

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Draft talk, moving outward from center

With guys like Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, Jeremy Lamb, and Perry and Terrence Jones seemingly scared off by the potential lockout, the lottery looks to be full of players who, like Andrew Johnson’s presidency or the ‘99 Spurs, are simply there by default. The draft talk all year seemed to suggest that this one would [...]

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