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Jeff Van Gundy and Disingenuity

Viewers of Friday night’s telecast of the Heat and Magic heard former Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy predict a Rockets-Heat matchup in this year’s finals.  Such praise and setting of expectations for his former team has not been uncommon from Van Gundy and the reaction from fans is typically of jubilant appreciation. During his [...]

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On Dwight Howard and Hakeem

To anyone who just watched the first half of the Magic and Heat: there’s an obvious sense of pride in hearing the former Rocket great matter-of-factly recognized as the linchpin of Dwight Howard’s dominance…. But damn if that didn’t just make the path over the next seven years that much tougher. On the bright side, [...]

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On the NBA: The Freak Show Goes On

Philosophizing on league-wide issues and offering previews of upcoming opponents, ‘On the NBA’ is our new general NBA column.  Today’s feature looks at tomorrow’s opponent, the Denver Nuggets. – Ed.

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Welcome, Huy Mai

Huy Mai is a professional artist who also does freelance illustration, graphic design, and animation. He will now be contributing his services to Red94, illustrating some of our pieces. A native Houstonian, Huy enjoys following the Rockets, Astros, and Texans, but describes the former as the first team he fell in love with since the [...]

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The Best ‘Moment’: The Obvious Scapegoat

From last night’s discussion, a reader, Patrick, writes: Is there anyway we can blame this on Tracy McGrady?

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